Top 5 Online Shopping Stores in the Philippines

Online Shopping Philippines
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Online shopping in Philippines? Well you're in luck because we have picked the best online shops for you.

Shopping online is fun and lush! If you haven’t join the craze yet, then you’re missing out. The niftiness of these web services makes it easierfor us to search and buy what we want without spending hours at public malls. However we also need to be smart and cautious because everything is done through the internet, especially when there’s online payment involved. It’s a good thing that Cash-On-Delivery (COD) payment is now being offered by the majority of online stores which builds trust among their customers. So without further ado, here are the Top 5 Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines! These stores have been chosen to be the most cosmic, exquisite and reliable.

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LAZADA Philippines


You’ve got that right! Lazada is on top of our list because its online presence is just massive. Its website is state-of-the-art, comprehensive and secure. Lazada also operates in other countries and it offers millions of different kinds of products. Today when people say “Cash on delivery,” they think about Lazada. They also give loads of discounts, free coupons and promote sale events every now and then.

Though from time to time, you could be reading some bad news regarding its products and deliveries but for us it’s not a big deal because we only  buy from high rated sellers on Lazada. This massive company that handles millions of transactions each day and manages thousands of employees and merchants, occasional errors are inevitable. I myself worked as a customer support representative for even larger companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Dell, and there’s never a day without a customer complaint. I can only suggest that Lazada should only support legit merchants and competent employees to increase customer satisfaction rate. So far, our experiences with Lazada had been great!

Delivery Time Very fast delivery, usually 2-3 days. For Overseas delivery, usually 1-2 weeks
Delivery Fees Usually FREE on orders above 500 Php
Delivery Services LBC, 2GO, LEX, Ninja Van, XDE
Payment Methods Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, AmEX, GCash, Lazada Wallet and Cash on Delivery

Best Online Shop Philippines

Top #2

Shopee PH


Shopee is a cool new online shop in the Philippines that quickly became so popular because of its fun and entertaining advertising. It focuses on the mobile and social media marketplace. A lot of online sellers have switched over to Shopee because of the accessibility of its platform and fewer merchant requirements. So now, it has become an enormous online store where you can find inexpensive but cool and trending new items to share with your friends. It’s like an online “Divisoria” which is mostly of class A products so I don’t expect too much about quality when I’m shopping at Shopee πŸ™‚

Delivery Time Usually within 7-30 days
Delivery Fees Varies per seller
Delivery Services ZOOM, 2GO, XPOST, Ninja Van, Black Arrow, M Lhuillier
Payment Methods Credit/Debit Card, Online Banking, Bank Transfer, Shopee Wallet and Cash on Delivery

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Top #3

Zalora Philippines


Zalora like its sister-company Lazada, is no doubt the leading gear and apparel store in the country. They provide quick delivery and impressive customer service for all you fashionistas out there. Zalora has it all – a gigantic collection of the best imported and local brands for ladies, men, kids and even the elderly. I never forget to check out Zalora when it’s time to get some new sneakers. The store also offers tons of products on sale, free delivery,  and cash on delivery payment.

Delivery Time NCR: 1-3 days, Major cities: 2-4 days, Provincial: 5-7 days
Delivery Fees Usually FREE on orders above 995 Php
Delivery Services LBC, Entrego, 7-Eleven, Click Connect
Payment Methods Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Google Pay, Paypal and Cash on Delivery

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Top #4



Though this online shopping store and most of its sellers operates in China, I always buy on AliExpress due to the availability and afforadibility of products. Similarly to Lazada, this store is just massive (not to mention, it’s intended for wholesale). In fact, most Lazada sellers just get their products from Aliexpress. The prices are so cheap but the shipment will originate in China, which is of course, overseas delivery. So if you don’t care about the longer delivery times, feel free to shop on AliExpress with confidence!

Delivery Time Usually within 7-21 business days
Delivery Fees FREE Shipping
Delivery Method Door-to-door Delivery
Payment Methods WebMoney, Credit/Debit Card, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer, Alipay, Paypal

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Top #5


This online store proudly claims that they sell products not available in the Philippines. They have a huge inventory of unique and eye-catching products coming from different countries (mostly from Amazon). Unfortunately, the products are not in hand. Only when an item is ordered that a request will be made for your product to be shipped internationally, which explains the long delivery time and expensive price.

Delivery Time 6 to 12 business days via Air and 30 to 45 business days via Sea
Delivery Fees Cost is calculated based on size/weight of total orders
Delivery Method Door-to-door Delivery
Payment Methods Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, Bank Deposit via BDO, Dragonpay and Cash on Delivery

Lazada Philippines

That concludes our list of Best Online Shops in the Philippines! If you’re still unsatisfied, you should probably go shopping at the world’s largest online store –! Here’s our complete guide on how you could Buy Amazon products in the Philippines.

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  1. I’m actually looking for best online shopping sites then I found this article, I don’t know how this caught my eyes that it turn to read it all, so I think that you are really good at persuading people through your writings.

  2. Just to update on delivery time from Amazon to the Philippines. Multiple orders arrived in 3 days. That’s 3 days, no customs charges versus Lazada takes a month to deliver anything.
    Lazada may be the best online portal in the Philippines but that ain’t saying much.

    1. all these shopping sites are like malls leasing out space to sellers whom you buy from. Sometime shops or sellers ship wrong items but you can complain to the shopping site(the shopping portal). is a little more buyer friendly and easier to get a refund. Lazada is very easy to return your items(just get a RMA code from Lazada and drop off any LBC branch). But as far as my experience is conncerned they will send you your refund code after it has expired so you can’t claim your refund. Follow ups take forever. Delivery is done mostly by third party courier. have their own delivery and that is how they manage to charge their own merchants hidden fees. Ang you balane (as a merchant) can suddenly go missing.

    2. not always. try to see reviews first before ordering. as usual overseas suppliers are making a run of your money just be careful scrutinize first before ordering.

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  4. Yes, the following sites are kinda popular and has many different offers. But as for me, is much dependable and much reliable in buying and also selling different items in the Philippines. It’s also much secure because all of the seller and buyers can communicate about an item, it also has classified ads where the members can receive such rewards and etc. You can also find different items and also some Real Estates, what’s unique about this site is; it also has a Job and business section, which can help other people find a job or an on the job training that they can attend to. This site of is really the best!

  5. Excellent information ! Very helpful list thanks for the info. Save using Zalora coupon. they have great stuff too. try it!

  6. You can also find a variety of products from automobiles, phone, electronics, pet food, fashion accessories and anything you can tell on or Just what the name said, dabest, truly the best! Try visiting the site πŸ™‚

  7. Shopping online is one of the best way to help you buy things whatever it is. It is also helpful when you are too busy in your work or go out from work late at night. Aside from the top 5 list, you may also try add see some stuffs there. If you are a seller of anything and would like to advertise, it is free to post it there as well.

  8. Shopping online is now the best way to purchase an item without hassle, It really helps a lot to those people who don’t have time to go out. I can recommend shopping on Zalora, Goods.PH and Lazada. I think Goods.PH is based here in the Philippines.

  9. More power for I’m a regular shoppers on you site. Goods customer service fast delivery. most of their product is the same with lazada but with cheaper prize. A must try online shopping site.

  10. It is so noticing that the Philippine economy likely grew faster than any other in Southeast Asia. That’s why online shopping in the Philippines becomes more popular too. However, due to the market’s COD payment method demand, we’ve come up a platform for ecommerce based in the Philippines to answer the Filipinos need.

  11. I’ve bought my power bank from cash on delivery. I’m Still using it as of this time. Good customer services and fast delivery.

  12. I am a vivid fan of lazada online shopping, if you will use credit or visa card transaction is very fast including delivery…good service

  13. Another advice; buy only the well-known branded products like Samsung or Sony. Do not buy those unknown, cheap brands from China. They are the same quality as CDRking products. Don’t be fooled by the low prices and always check sellers’ ratings on Lazada.

  14. Lazada is convenient because of their “Cash on delivery” and BDO installment. But don’t be deceived by their advertisments and so called “SALE”. The product is cheap when its in sale however, the quality is not good as indicated in the item(s) real price. Many of their products after being delivered is damaged or the item is not in the box and it’s hard to contact lazada if you want to return your order they don’t actually respond but if they do many of them does’nt accept the return of the item. Just my advice for anyone who want to try lazada don’t order before you read the reviews and don’t buy jewelries or mobile accessories because a lot of it is fake or not as good as indicated in the item’s description.

  15. From lazada to camiguin island it takes within a week and the best of it, its cod. I was order handtools, power tools, a phone and a cheap drone it was arrived lest than 5 days.. Sweet service from lazada

  16. MetroDeal is not included here. No wonder. Because they couldnt deliver. The item ( CCTV Camera Road Recorder) I paid on March 18 yet were not delivered as advertised (delivery is within 3 days). After a week I called them & they said they cannot locate the address I gave them. They should have texted me to ask but no effort was made. I was told that they will just refund the payment more or less 30 working days meaning more than 1 month. Their ads continue to sell the item showing 1,900 plus buyers, I wonder if they were able to deliver the rest of the customers’ orders, if not what a clever way to raise money.

  17. Hey ! Thanks you very much for sharing this article. I was looking for best shopping store in Philippines and this list helped me.

  18. I am an American from Michigan USA.I just ordered gifts from lazada for my sister-in-law, father-in-law and daughter in the Philippines. Quality is good and fast shipping.

  19. Lazada is only good because of the wide selection of goods. Otherwise, the customer service needs some improvement and the delivery takes quite a while ( one week in Metro Manila, seriously?). So far, Zalora is the best one. No questions asked return policy, well-packaged goods, prompt delivery and overall a pleasant shopping experience.

  20. “This is a great page. I usually use to transact with whenever I find interesting
    items in their site. And I don’t encounter any difficulties dealing with them so facr. They
    provide great service.”

  21. Great list here! I haven’t heard of WeeMall and Galleon before, I’ll try to buy some things there as an alternative to Lazada.

  22. It’s nice to know that Filipinos are now on the trend in doing online shop. I think there are more online shop in our country. Search and check them out. Thanks for your info about the the top 5…

  23. Very helpful list thanks for the info. You may also add, they have great stuff too. try it!

  24. I love buying at watches, gadgets and perfumes. They are all original and authentic at low prices. Try their products Im sure you’re gonna luv it!

  25. For guaranteed original brands as Ann Klein, Nine West, Aldo, etc… I enjoy shopping at Afraid kasi sa mga ibang sites, dami fakes.

  26. I tried shopping online and it’s really indeed convenient but I suggest that all these sites lazada, wemall and online shopping Philippines needs to improve on their logistics or shipping. It’s really a big turn off because sometimes their delivery takes too long!

  27. I agree that Lazada is the No. 1. They have massive collections that you can choose. Delivery is prompt but packaging is now getting bad as compared to before. For fashion items (clothes, shoes, etc.) ZALORA is also outstanding. Very prompt delivery and the packaging is very nice!

  28. I’ve tried lazada when I bought my MI they have fast delivery and for my groceries they have the friendliest customer service and they have flexible terms