Top 5 Online Gadget Stores in the Philippines

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Are you into Tech and Gadgets? Philippines has various online gadget stores and we chose the best for you. If you order online you will receive your product safe and fast thanks to the best shipping labels amazon.

When buying an expensive gadget, we Filipinos and many people have developed a habit of doing price comparisons between the best stores out there. When I do that, I’d rather sit in front of my computer and click from one store to another, whether they want to find good games online like the Escape Rooms, or the best fps mice to play them. In my opinion, window-shopping at home for your favorite gadgets is much more convenient. With the use of the internet, you can also get easy access to guides and reviews done by tech savvies and you can find useful products as a Dell gaming desktop that are really good for high tech games. This is quite a good practice in order for us to find out how useful and valuable the products we’re buying, so we can get our money’s worth. If you own a website, or any product your like to improve in your store, one great way to do it is with WordTree, an excellent tool to put out the word and make your service more visible for everyone.To help you further, we are presenting the Top 5 Online Gadget Stores in the Philippines. We have chosen these stores based on these criterias: (1) store reputation and popularity, (2) must have cheapest and latest products, (3) variety and types of gadgets they offer, and (4) their website’s design and efficiency.

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♥ TOP 10 – Whistle Key finder
♥ TOP 9 – Metal Fidget Spinners
♥ TOP 8 – Game of Thrones LED Lamp
♥ TOP 7 – Magnetic Car Dashboard Mount
♥ TOP 6 – Acrylic Cosmetic Organizers
♥ TOP 5 – Boom Box Touch Speaker
♥ TOP 4 – 12-in-1 Chef Basket
♥ TOP 3 – Bluetooth Beanie
♥ TOP 2 – FC-POCKET Portable
♥ TOP 1 – QCY QY12 Sports Headset

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Top #5


WidgetCity is well-known for having the leading brands in mobile phones, that could work with any plan. This online gadget store has been around for a few years now and almost has 200K followers on facebook. They also offer some smart gadgets such as hoverboards, drones, smartwatches, fitness bands and more! So if you have the budget and want superior products, this store should be on your watch list.

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Top #4


This amazing store specializes in mobile phones, tablets, cameras and many accessories. Although it lacks product variety, Kimstore has a good reputation and we’ve heard and read a lot of good things about it. Kim Lato the store owner is recognized as one of the most reliable online seller. Similar to ordinary online sellers, she started her humble beginnings selling the cameras of her choice through her social media accounts. Later became a gadget store under where it received multiple awards and had been featured on TV and newspaper. Now Kimstore is running on its own domain ( as a fully-operational e-commerce website.

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Top #3


Speaking of gadget variety, you should check out this online store. Although they don’t have the top name brands in their inventory, nonetheless they’ve got massive variety of tools and devices that are smart and very useful – which is what a gadget should be in the first place. This is like the online version of cd-r king, but only better. Check out their recommended and best sellers section and you will surely have an idea with the latest gadgets to date. They offer both wholesale and retail which allows you to purchase in bulk to resell their products.

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Top #2

LAZADA Philippines

Although Lazada isn’t particularly a gadget store, it offers a massive number of gadgets on sale to make it on our top 2 list. I have to admit, Lazada has become my go-to online shop when I’m looking for something to buy online. It’s probably now considered as the Amazon Store of the Philippines. Lazada may offer the cheapest prices for every types of products when there are new stocks available. Another good thing is that it promotes daily flash sales wherein you can get an expensive gadget for more than half its original price. Also, you might find the hottest and affordable gadgets at the BESTSELLERS page.

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Top #1


Poundit quickly became popular for putting up some crazy and hilarious video ads on social media and Youtube. They have a huge inventory of the latest and best-selling gadgets which are hard to find in malls and other online stores. If you check out their website, you’d probably get charmed by its sleek and modern design. As a web developer, I was very much impressed when I saw it the first time. For a gadget store though, the name “Poundit” sounds weird and not all that catchy. To me, it sounds more like a gym or sports shop.

These are significantly our best choices of Online Gadget Stores in Philippines. For a wider range of gadgets, you certainly wanna check out Please visit our tutorial page on how to ship Amazon products to Philippines! On other marketing articles, if you’re in Indonesia and you’re looking for secure Casino, checkout Vwin Casino.

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