Top 5 Online Clothing/Fashion Stores in the Philippines

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Are you shopping online for your favorite dress or gear? Well good thing you found this page. We  are revealing the best fashion stores in the Philippines, where you can get the best Girls Clothes.

I must admit that we Filipinos have a very good fashion sense. I mean, who doesn’t want to look cool and fashionable with new clothes and minimalist watches, right? The days have finally come when it’s not all necessary to go to actual malls or bazaars to equip ourselves with clothes. With online stores, you can order almost anything you want and have it delivered to your home as soon as possible. If you don’t have a computer, you can even use your smartphone as alternative. However, when shopping online for clothes or anything wearable, I would suggest you spend a little more time figuring what’s best for you as there can be a lot of size and design variation. To start with, we are giving you the Best Online Fashion Stores in the Philippines. This list of stores have been chosen based on popularity, and their products’ design, variety and affordability.

Lazada Philippines



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Top #1

Zalora Philippines

Zalora is no doubt the leading online fashion and apparel store in the country. With its prompt delivery and customer service, many people have been impressed and delighted with this store. Zalora has it all – a very huge collection of the top local and international brands; for ladies looking for a cocktail dress, maxi dress or even long gowns, and for guys looking for shoes, watches and gears. If you sign up on their website today and receive their newsletter – it will help get ideas with the latest fashion trends plus you get a 300 peso discount on your first purchase. The store offers lots of items and dresses on sale, free delivery, free returns and cash on delivery.



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Top #2

It is formerly known as Shop This Easy (STE) – a very popular online shopping store in the Philippines. Not sure why they changed the name, but it’s probably company restructure. Although their product brands are not internationally acclaimed, they have the best fashion items we’ve seen in the online market. No wonder why customers keep coming back. Not only they offer clothing, but they also have various items in other categories such as beauty products, home and living, and even gadgets. For resellers, they also offer wholesale of clothes which absolutely gives you big discounts.



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Top #3

website: is known as an online wholesaler of clothes in the Philippines. Now they are offering retail purchase on their website, which is great because you can still get their products at a wholesale price. If you’re looking for affordable dress and fashion, this is the store for you. Most of their products resemble to korean-style fashion that are very cool, simple and unique. They have a huge inventory including bags, toys and even sexy costumes and lingeries that your hubby would surely love.



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Top #4

Seek The Uniq

As the name suggests so, Seek The Uniq is for someone who wants unique dress collections. They produce products only in small amounts which is good at the same time bad – as the dress you want may quickly go out of stock. Their designs are so classy and cultural. Judging by the pictures on their website, I’m sure they’re using great materials and they are hand-crafted by skillful workers. I’m not a designer but I can say that their creations are works of art. If you’re not on a tight budget and if you’re really into fashion, then this store should suit you best.



Online Shop Philippines Clothes

Top #5

Lazada Philippines

Lazada is our last pick because it’s a universal shopping store which showcases everything not only clothes. However we have to include it on this list because of its massive inventory of fashion items. Similar to its sister company (Zalora), Lazada has the finest collection of international and local brands and even the most affordable ones. Lazada also consists of third party stores and sellers, most of which are already well-known fashion wholesalers and retailers. You can shop ’til you drop!



That would be our Top 5 Online Clothing/Fashion stores in the Philippines. If you have any suggestions, please leave your comments below. Stay classy and happy shopping!

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