Lazada’s Biggest Sale Events – Promos, Bargains & Discounts

Ready your bucks and vouchers because we're going to discuss Lazada Sale!

It’s delightful to know when our favorite store is going to have a big sale. Even online stores like Lazada sometimes gets their warehouses filled with too many merchandise, so in order to make room for new products, then it’s time to execute clearance sales. That’s when we take the advantage.

This article will be updated every so often to let you can keep track of Lazada’s big sale events. If you’re always aware of when or where these sales occur, then it could help us save money for the items we wish to buy and become a happier shopper.


Lazada Flash Sale

Lazada Flash Sale Photo

In the past, Lazada promotes too many different types and periods of sales that can be confusing to customers at times. Now all that hype has been brought to an end, but the good news is, there are now so many deals and discounts everyday and we don’t even have to wait any longer for any special sale event. With Lazada’s Flash Sale and New Deals of the Day, you can have access to amazing products for bargain. Just go to and you’ll see what we’re talking about. You can also get to this page by going to the homepage and find the link that says “Flash Sale.” The page features daily and upcoming deals along with Hot Offers, Top Deals and Top Sellers. All of them offer great discounts!


Lazada Online Revolution

Lazada Sale Photo

Lazada proudly presents its Online Revolution – the biggest and grandest sale of the year. This is an annual tradition to celebrate online shopping at its best. The Sale begins on every November 11th to December 12th. During this period, they’re also giving away a lot of free voucher codes and promoting different contests to encourage people to shop online and join the celebration. This year, Lazada has broken online sales records with the help of the new app that allows shoppers to use mobile devices. You can simply browse Lazada’s inventory because almost everything is on sale, but if you want more details about the event, you can visit By clicking each product category with the percentage signs, you’ll see all the interesting items with awesome discounts.


Lazada Christmas Sale

Lazada Sale Photo

The Christmas Sale is basically an extension to the Online Revolution. It starts on December 10 and will probably end on the 20th. It’s the time to do your Christmas shopping for gifts, or maybe buy yourself a present. People mostly search for Sales on watches, mobile phones, tablets, toys, baby stuff and shoes.


Lazada Chinese New Year Sale

Lazada Sale Photo

The Chinese New Year Sale kicks off January 26 to February 8. This year – 2016 is the year of the monkey, as you can see in the above picture. The event features exciting promotions which relates to Chinese New Year traditions. Most of the items’ prices go all the way down to match “Lucky Numbers.” There are also huge discounts on Home products (Feng Shui), “Lucky Charms” and items that are color “Red and Gold.”.


Lazada Bestsellers

Lazada Sale Photo

In case you miss out on all the “Big Sales” listed above, I would suggest for you to check out the Lazada Bestsellers at or simply visit Lazada Philippines’ facebook page at – where they always showcase the coolest and inexpensive items out on sale. This is what I do whenever I need buy something at any given time, which also give me ideas for special gifts or maybe just finding useful products for my home, lifestyle and  family.


Lazada Philippines

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