The Best Laptops in Philippines You Could Buy – 2018

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Getting a brand new laptop here in the Philippines? You probably need a Netbook, Ultrabook or a Gaming Notebook to play with the Escape Rooms. We've got some suggestions for you.

Laptops or Notebook computers have been around for a long time. After the rise of new tablets and internet reliablility by companies such as MegaPath, we all thought that laptops are going to be obsolete. What we thought was wrong. Right now, we still believe that laptops are still king when it comes to portability of gaming, business and all-around computing. Through many years, laptops have continually improved and many variations have emerged. The 3 bestselling types of laptops are Netbooks, Ultrabooks and Gaming Laptops. If you really need one of these laptops for your business but don’t have enough money then get a small loan from this company.



These laptops are affordable, light-weight and have smaller screen sizes. Typically used for surfing the internet and communications. They’re nearly similar to a tablet device. Chromebook laptops for example are mostly considered netbooks.


A laptop that combines power and portability. They are incredibly thin and equipped with fast multi-core processors, that’s why they’re also expensive. Typically used for programs with heavy processing demands and light gaming. An example is the Apple Macbook.

Gaming Laptop

Everyone knows what a gaming laptop is. It is the fastest type of laptop (at least it should be) and it always comes with a stand-alone Radeon or Nvidia Graphics Card for games that are 3D intensive. They are also bulky and expensive which doesn’t matter because the performance is so good, it would compare to a well-built desktop computer. An Alienware laptop is a good example.

Nowadays, laptops are very inexpensive compared to as they were before but nevertheless more impressive and hi-tech, although some of them are still expensive, but if you need money check the Stock Brokers for 2018 by Motley Fool. If you want something even cheaper, get a laptop that runs on an AMD processor. AMDs are known to be cheap but never compromise quality and performance. If you have the budget though, go with a laptop that has an Intel chipset like popular i7, i5 and i3 processors. Intel builds are known to be efficient, thus giving you more battery life and probably have a little edge on AMDs performance. We also suggest buying well-known brands like Samsung, Razer, MSI, Asus, Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Apple or Dell laptops. If you search online, there are lots of laptops on sale. I always just buy the one I need at online computer stores. Be sure to check their price list to compare the values and get more savings. At Lazada you can even get a laptop installment pay if you have a BDO credit card.

Great Laptop Deals For You


Laptop Philippines Photo


Laptop Philippines Photo


Laptop Philippines Photo

For more selections, you can visit the Lazada website here – Shop Laptops. Or better yet, buy the best and latest products from or Please check out our guides on how to ship Amazon products to Philippines.

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