How to Shop in the U.S. with Johnny Air

Using third party courier like Johnny Air Cargo (JAC) is definitely one of the best ways to ship Amazon products or any U.S. shopping items to Philippines.  They can help you save both time and money and prevent yourself from dealing with the Philippine Customs (in the event that your package gets held by them for some reason). When employing third party couriers, you will be provided with a virtual U.S. shipping address. This is how your package/items get transferred to the third party company then forward them to your Philippine address safely.

Similar services are Shipping Cart , , MyShoppingBox , FRS , Borderlinx etc.. I have also created tutorials on how to shop using Shipping Cart and MyShoppingBox, be sure to check them out.

Okay! The first thing  we need to do is to  get an account with Johnny Air Cargo (JAC). I just did mine online, here’s their website:

For inquiries, you can get in touch with them at these following info:

Telephone: (632)519 5000       (632)817 2989
                            519 6000                812 4702
                            519 9000                813 7227

If you choose to sign-up online like me, you are required to fill out a client form and upload a picture of a Government Issued ID. Once done, your Profile Details on their website should look like this image below:

Johnny Air Cargo - Profile Photo
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Alright, after creating a Johnny Air Cargo (JAC) account,  you’re ready to shop! In this scenario, we will be shopping at  Here are 4 steps you need to do:

1—- Just go ahead, put items in your cart and fulfill your Amazon shopping. Upon checkout, you will have to enter the virtual address provided by JAC as your shipping address. I prefer to use their San Francisco address. Please refer to the screenshot below on how you should enter the address correctly on Amazon (make sure to enter your complete name).

Johnny Air Shipping Address Photo
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For more info about Johnny Air's Virtual Addresses in the US, please visit their website, here: JAC Plus - How to Ship

2—- After your Amazon shopping is complete, it’s time to notify JAC of the shipping details. You can send them an email ( or via SMS (0926 689 8888). Tell them about the items you’ve ordered and tracking numbers if necessary. If you receive invoice emails from Amazon, better forward that to JAC as well. Also don’t forget to tell JAC what branch you prefer to pick it up (SM Mega Mall, Makati, Davao, Cebu). They can deliver door-to-door too, but only in Metro Manila.

3—- Simply wait for your package to arrive in the Philippines. Turnaround time is 5-7 business days. When it arrives, JAC will immediately notify you via Email or SMS.

4—- Finally, as soon as JAC informs you of its arrival, just pick it up from the branch you’ve chosen. You can pay the fees using credit card or cash. If you chose door-to-door service, you should pay cash on delivery.

That’s how it simply works! It’s always exciting to see what’s inside that box from the States. I recently purchased a 10″ action figure from It only took 8 days to arrive from the U.S. to Philippines. Everything from shipping  only cost me 850Php. Not bad for an international shipping, right?

Hopefully you’ll receive your package in no time! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. And what are you waiting for? Go to right now and start shopping!

If you don't have a credit card, you can shop using Globe Gcash AMEX. Check out this link below:

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    1. Yes, you will be notified regarding the estimated arrival date to Philippines. Otherwise you can always email them for details regarding the shipment.

    1. For me, they’re all virtually the same in terms of cost, speed, and customer service. I would recommend Shipping Cart if you have multiple orders because they allow consolidation of shipments.

  1. This blog is really really helpful together with the comments. I am anxious about ordering a foldable table (59 x 35.8″). As it will be bulky. If i want it to be shipped home i will opt for Shipping Cart. But i need to hear your thoughts about getting this table.

    1. That table is quite huge, it’s going to be shipped via Sea Cargo. And you’re actually correct, I would ship it using Shipping Cart so it can be delivered straight to my home address.

  2. Hello! Thanks for this very helpful blog. I need your advise though, I’d like to order cosmetics online mainly lipsticks and I’m wondering if I should use JAC or Shipping Cart. Lipsticks are small anyway but I’m a bit concern on how much are they going to charge me. Help please!

  3. Hello Sir, can JAC deliver anywhere in Northern Luzon, I’m from Baguio and I wonder how the delivery works.

    Also, which would you recommend/prefer, JAC or Shipping Cart? I’ve been reading a lot of negative comments with Shipping Cart, this makes me unsure in getting items shipped to them.

    Thanks for the help!

      1. I just contacted their support. Mr Elmer from sales and marketing said they can ship through local courier with additional cost =)

        Anyway, I will try one package using JAC and one using Shipping Cart. Hopefully all goes well.

  4. AFAIK laptops don’t have extra tax aside from the standard import tax of 12%. Would that 12% be derived from the laptop cost or would it be from the laptop + JAC cost? Thanks!

    1. I’m not sure. Last time I used JAC, a laptop has $50 clearing cost. I believe the 12% VAT is derived from the shipping cost only. You can contact JAC for more details.

  5. I want to share this advice. For those of you who want to estimate your shipping rates the following things cause JAC to deviate from standard weight computation:

    1) They follow the USPS calculation of volume. Formula is L x W x H / 166. If this value is less than 2 then the charge is rounded up to 2 for 2 pounds and so on.
    2) If item value is greater than 1,000USD they charge an additional handling fee which is around 3,000+ for every dividend 1000 that your item costs. So $2,000 is 6,000 and so on.
    3) Flat rate is roughly 1,620 depending on daily exchange rate.
    4) Be wary of items that are physically small but massively heavy. Etc, 2L shampoos cost more even though they are visibly smaller than, say,, an iPad. Poker chips are also a nice example of a small container but heavy contents.

  6. I am US-based, but I have Philippine VAs working for me. What is the most reasonable way to get a laptop delivered to one of my VAs? Can I use JAC to ship a used laptop directly from me to my VA?

    1. If you’re going to order the laptop at a US online store like Amazon, then you can definitely use JAC. But if you already own a laptop and you wanna ship it to Philippines, I’m not sure if JAC provides that kind of service. It would be best to consult JAC about this matter. You can email them at They also provide chat support on their website. Please visit

    1. Yes, here are their flight schedules per virtual address:
      NEW YORK – Tuesdays and Thursdays
      LOS ANGELES – Mondays and Fridays
      SAN FRANCISCO – Mondays and Fridays

  7. How does JAC deal with multiple orders from different sellers assuming the items placed would arrive at the virtual address at different days? Would it be possible to request them to hold off the delivery until all items have arrived?

    1. I’ve consulted Johnny Air about this and according to them, they don’t consolidate items. They simply ship packages immediately to Philippines to avoid loss/damage. On the other hand, Shipping Cart allows you to store and consolidate your shopping items. That’s what I suggest if your orders are coming from different online stores. For the tutorial, please go here–> How to Shop with Shipping Cart

  8. Hi Nehemiah Endo! Possible din ba magamit ang 3rd party shipping company pag sa amazon japan bibili? I’m planning to buy a gundam. Mas cheaper kasi dun. And medyo bulky mga items na ganun, what would u suggest? For sure magaan lang naman mga to kasi plastic lang materials. Thanks.

  9. Hello there. I notice that Shipping Cart is a bit cheaper than JAC. But does that mean they (Shipping Cart) have hidden costs like customs taxes? My orders are non-electronic.

    1. No hidden charges on Shipping Cart. You only pay the cost that reflects on their website once they received your items.

  10. Hello, I’m planning on buying and selling items from US here in the Philippines but horrible customs stories hinder me from doing it. Can I do it through JAC or would customs “steal it” to charge me hideous taxes?

    1. Yes, JAC can be the solution to your worries. But if you’re planning to ship large quantities for business, it would be best to consult JAC about this matter. Personally, I just use them for online shopping.

  11. Have you tried multiple items upon checkout? Do they just include it into a single box? Also, if I’m from Cavite and I still wanted to use service Johnny Air, I would have to pick it up from the nearest branch right which is Makati (tama ba ako sa pagkaintindi ko?) SM Makati ba ito gaya ng may branch sila sa Megamall?

    P.S. This online shopping has been my dilemma and your posts are answers to my prayers 😀

    Similarly, have you tried using debit card? I do not have credit card kasi. Most of the time, it has always been labeled as CREDIT/DEBIT but asks details for credit card (this is pure ignorance di ko talaga alam sorry)

    1. – Yes, Amazon will always try to group the items in a single box, unless the items are fulfilled by third party merchants.

      – Yes, their main office is in Makati and they have a branch at SM Megamall. If you want delivery straight to your home, I suggest using Shipping Cart.

      – Amazon will accept debit cards in the form of Visa and MasterCard.

  12. Hi Nehemiah Endo! This is a very helpful article. I already bookmarked it in my computer. I have a concern, if there are dimensions required, what if I ordered multiple items like books, clothes and toys. What measurement should I follow? Thank you!

    1. Thanks a lot, Janice. If you’re ordering books, I’m definitely sure that the package will be measured by its weight. Books are heavy, that’s why shipping them is costly.

  13. The billing address should be the one linked to your credit card. Most likely, the items you mentioned will be combined in a single package. Regarding the fees, it would be a better idea to ask Johnny Air about it. Take note of the weight and dimensions of each items and see if they can calculate the price for you.

    1. ok thanks for clearing the billing part for me…. i think ill email them the link of the products im planning to buy so they can check for themselves how much theyll charge me, right ? thank you very much….

        1. I’m here in germany gusto ko mag order para sa family ko sa pinas ng appliances ako magbayad dito. How to pay?

          1. Sure, just follow the instructions above. I would also suggest that you email JAC to find out how you can pay from Germany.

          2. Yes, that’s free shipping to the US virtual address. If you wanna ship it to Philippines, you’ll have to pay Johnny Air. Please follow my tutorial above.

  14. Im now trying to order using johnny air plus address, but another question pop.. Should i use their address for the billing? They are texting me now but for that question they’re not replying yet…

    By the way, im ordering coconut oil for $12 and 2 derma roller at $19 each, do you think its worth the 898 pesos freight fee? or should i order more? they say 5 days from amazon to johnny office in new york then 17 days max from new york to SM cebu… Please any comment about my order? Should i order on jan 2? not peak season is better faster arrival?

  15. Hello! Can I add items on the shopping cart and then checkout?? I just wanna see how much is the total cost of my orders.

    1. Sure, you can! Feel free to add items to your shopping cart. You will see the total cost of your purchase before you can place the order.

        1. Oh by the way, just to clarify, our cargo/shipments passes thru customs. 🙂
          Certain item(s) like Electronic, couture items, highly taxable and high valued item has additional charges for customs purposes.
          We include these charges in our rates which can be inquired at

          Thanks again Nehemiah Endo for your very detailed blog !!!!

          1. Thanks for this info, Trixie. I know that customers won’t have to deal directly with customs to pay additional taxes. Keep it up. 🙂

  16. Hi Nehemiah Endo,
    Using their formula I got 950 Php for a 2lbs, it’s a graphic tablet so I assumed that there will be an additional $25 for taxes.
    Does JAC deliver it door to door? If that so, how much do you think I’m gonna pay for my additional fees?

    1. Yes, $25 for tax for Ipad or Tablet PCs.
      They can do door-to-door delivery only within Metro Manila for an extra $5 charge.

  17. Does the delivery from JAC does not subject to “monstrous” customs charges here in PH? BTW nice article, very useful

    1. Thanks lordenmaster. JAC’s shipment rates should cover customs fees as well. Please see details below:

      – $ 5.99 per pound for non electronic items (chargeable weight = actual weight or volume weight whichever is greater)
      (minimum chargeable weight of 2 lbs. per package, $1,000.00 value & above is subject to 5% additional clearing cost based on invoice declaration)
      – $ 6.50 per pound for electronic items

      – $ 5.00 Handling fee for pick up only (JAC-Head office Aguirre, Makati or JAC-Megamall)
      or $10 Handling fee (Delivery w/in Metro Manila only)
      – $ 50.00/unit (additional clearing cost for a laptop & two way radio) 5% additional for values of laptop / two way radio if value is above $1000
      – For LCD/LED TV 5% clearing cost based on price declaration
      – $ 25.00/unit – additional clearing cost for an Ipad or Samsung Galaxy or Blackberry playbook or other Tablet PCs
      – $ 15.00/unit – additional clearing cost for Mobile phones and e-book readers (ie. kindle or Palm pilots)
      – Inland freight (if any)
      – 12% Vat

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