How to Order Products on Amazon from Philippines

To start ordering, head over to today! You can definitely buy products on Amazon while you are in the Philippines. All you need is an Amazon account and a credit card (aside from web browser and internet connection, of course) then you can shop your way through. I have created complete tutorials for you in order to solve problems that you might encounter. After reviewing them, you will find how easy it is nowadays to do online shopping across countries.

If you’re currently in the Philippines, I strongly suggest to use Third Party Shipping when shopping at Amazon. Please proceed to this link–> Amazon Shopping with Shipping Cart
If you don’t have a credit card, you can use Globe Gcash AmEX. For the complete tutorial, please go to this link–> Amazon Shopping with Gcash AmEx Virtual Credit Card

Quick Tutorial on How to Make an Order on Amazon

1—- Create an Amazon Account

First, you need to get an Amazon account. To register, please go to this link> Amazon Register. You need to fill out the form with your information. See the screenshot below:

Amazon Registration Screenshot
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2—- Search for the Item You Want to Order

After creating an account, you can start your shopping!  Use the Search box at the top of the website to find products you’re looking for. I went searching for “Nike air force 1,” and a bunch of results came up. I picked the third one on the list. Here’s a screenshot:

Amazon Search Screenshot
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3—- Add Item to Your Cart

In this example, we will just buy one item from Amazon. I chose the color red Nike Air Force 1. Be sure to select the size that suits you, then click the the “Add to Cart” button on the right side.Amazon Order Screenshot

To view your Shopping Cart, just click the Cart Icon at the top of the website.Shopping Cart IconWhen you're done shopping, just hit the button that says "Proceed to Checkout."
4—- Checkout

Upon checkout, Amazon is going to ask for your Shipping and Payment details. First, your Shipping Address needs to be added. Here’s a screenshot:

Shipping Address Screenshot
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Now remember, I don't suggest shipping Amazon items directly to Philippines, and besides, not all products can be shipped internationally. I always tell everyone to use third party shipping to get a virtual US address. Please visit this link--> Shop with Shipping Cart.

After adding your Shipping Address, Amazon will ask for payment method. In this scenario, we will choose to add Credit Card. Just enter your credit card details – Name, Card Number, Expiration Date, Billing Address, Security Code. If you have Amazon Gift Cards or Promo Codes, you can also use them to pay for your shopping.

Add Credit Card Screenshot
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Now if you don't have a credit card, I suggest using Globe Gcash AmEX. For the tutorial, please visit this link--> Shopping with Globe Gcash AmEx Virtual Credit Card

After completing Payment and Shipping details, you are now ready to submit your order. For international shipping, just choose whether – Standard Shipping (10-16 business days) or Expedited Shipping (5-10 business days). Here’s a screenshot:

Place Order Screenshot
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As you can see, the Shipping & handling fees and Tax are automatically calculated based on your shipping address and payment method. if you're happy with that, click - "Place your order"
You’ve done it! Online shopping is just that simple. Go ahead and start your shopping for real at!

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  1. Hello! Have you tried buying in bulk in amazon and have it shipped in the Philippines using a third party courier? I’m planning to buy like 20 books and i’m worried i might be charged with tax.. or does the third party courier includes the tax to the shipping cost?

    1. Yes, I always use ShippingCart for bulk orders and ship them via Sea Cargo. Tax is already included and the cost is cheap but it takes about 45 days to be delivered.

  2. Hello Sir,

    We are planning to order pet food from AMAZON. We have already registered with Shipping Cart and we were given a virtual US address and account number.

    My question is, we are right now trying to fill up the shipping address on the Amazon website. So, per your instruction, we will be putting in our virtual US address provided by Shipping Cart Shipping but where exactly and in what box do we put the Shipping Cart account number?


  3. Good day Sir! Just a quick question, say I already created my Shipping Cart account and already have a virtual US address, the Amazon will then ask for my payment method and I still don’t have any credit cards, and reading from your post here, you suggests we use the GCash AMEX. Suppose I create my own GCash AMEX account too, will that mean that I am paying for the two parties? I also read from your other article – How to shop with Shipping Cart, that I can pay directly to Shipping Cart once my order arrives. I’m a little bit perplexed, please help me understand. Thanks a lot!

    1. Yes, you need a credit card because you will pay twice. You will pay Amazon and Shipping Cart. Please read the comments from other people as well to learn more.

  4. Hi. Will it make a difference if I use a third party shipping service but then use a Philippines based MasterCard debit card? Like will that be considered fraudulent?

  5. Hi,

    I live in Canada and would like to order gifts for my 2 cousins in the Philippines. Im scared of customs taking their gifts or making them pay a fee. How do I avoid this?
    Thank you/salamat

If you have questions, please post them on our Youtube Comments.