How to Shop Using Gcash AMEX on Amazon

Do you wanna shop on Amazon but don't have a U.S. credit card? You should take advantage of this cool free service by Globe - Gcash AMEX (American Express) Virtual Pay.

I always shop on Amazon US and it has never been easier with the help of Globe Gcash AMEX! To get started, just follow these simple steps.

Sign Up for Globe Gcash

First, you must have a Globe/TM mobile number to sign up for Gcash. If you’re already a Globe user, then go ahead and register today!

Gcash service provides an electronic wallet with tons of features. Currently it is only accessible through a mobile app. Simply install the Gcash app which you can find on Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS), then register your number.

Once you’re logged in to Gcash app, you can start activating your American Express Virtual Pay under the Shop Online tab. You’re just one step away from your U.S. online shopping!

Gcash AMEX photo
Gcash AMEX Photo

Gcash AMEX and MyShoppingBox

Here’s the good part! Globe has teamed up with MyShoppingBox. All you need to do is to pay 250 pesos to activate your Gcash AMEX card and the MSB account will be created automatically for you free! The $25 subscription fee is waived! Your MSB login credentials will be sent to you via email.

MyShoppingBox (MSB) is a forwarding service that enables you to shop in the U.S. and ship items to your Philippine address safely and economically. MSB also provides a U.S. shipping address for U.S. online stores that cannot ship directly to Philippines. MSB has an annual subscription fee of $25. You can find their website at

Gcash AMEX logo

MyShoppingBox Logo

Together they’re perfect, right? Gcash AMEX though is a prepaid card. Before you can start shopping, be sure to load sufficient funds to your Gcash wallet. I simply transfer money from my BPI bank account but there are actually a lot of ways you can do it. See these following:

  • Globe Stores
  • Globe Load Distributors
  • SM Department Stores
  • Partner Rural Bank
  • Partner Pawnshops
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Bancnet ATM
  • Mobile Phone Banking

 For more details about Gcash AMEX, please visit this link:

Now Here are the Simple Steps when Shopping


1. Start your Shopping

Just go ahead and select the item/s you want and add them to your Shopping Cart. Once you’re done, proceed to checkout.

Gcash Amex Checkout Photo

During checkout, make sure to enter all the correct info. For payment method, enter the details provided by your Gcash AMEX card (Name, Card Number, Billing AddressExpiration Date and Security Code). As for the shipping address, just enter it similarly to the billing address.

Complete the checkout process and place your order.

2. Wait for the Items to arrive at the U.S. Address

Amazon can usually deliver packages in just 2-3 days. Once your item/s are delivered, MSB will notify you immediately via sms and email. The notification includes a link to login to MSB’s website. Or you can manually login at

Gcash Amex login photo

3. Authorize the Shipment

Once you’re logged into MSB’s website, you will see all the item/s you’ve ordered under the shipments tab. Now you just have to authorize the shipment going to your Philippine home address.

Gcash Amex Authorize Photo

You have the option to choose either Sea Freight or Air Freight. If you want faster shipping, go with Air Freight. If you want to save money, go with Sea Freight – best for bulky or large quantity items. The shipping costs will be automatically deducted also from your Gcash wallet.

Once you’re done, just hit “Authorize Shipment.”

4. Wait for the Items to Arrive at your Doorsteps

After the authorization, you don’t have to do anything else. Just wait until your package arrives at your home. The delivery could take anywhere between 10-12 working days (Air Freight) and  45-60 working days (Sea Freight), so please be patient.

Gcash Amex Package photo

If you wanna learn more about MyShoppingBox shipping, please go to this link: – FAQ

That’s about it! This shop and ship experience with Gcash AMEX and MSB was great and very convenient! I’m now able to buy gadgets in the United States easily, even without a credit card. The shipping cost is also cheaper than I expected. The last thing I bought was a wireless headset and it arrived only within 2 weeks time!

Hopefully anyone can have the same great experience as mine. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to answer them for you!
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start shopping at right now!

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  1. Will GCash AmEx work on HP online store. Wala kasi sa Amazon ung model na hinahanap ko sa HP-US website lang mismo meron and naka-sale pa. Ano mas maganda gamitin like mas mabilis and mas mura? Shipping Cart or MSB?

  2. i was about to buy at amazon then saw your video ….but got confused. does amazon accept philippine peso can i pay them (BDO) card them i already know that i need to type the adress for shopping cart then do i pay pay them then put my philippine adress then all done am i right ???

    1. If you pay with a credit/debit card, your bank can do the conversion from peso to dollar. Also, If you watched my video, I was talking about using third party shipping. Amazon is in the States and if you ship directly to your Philippine address, it may problems or delays.

  3. Hello sir! Can I use GCASH Amex to pay for ebay or amazon. Then the shipping courier I will use is Shipping Cart? Or it is recommended to use MSB? Thanks for the answer sir.

    Another question sir upon paying on the item in amazon. what will I put in the shipping information? My PH address or the US virtual address of MSB? Thanks again!

    1. Yes, you can use Gcash Amex on Amazon but I don’t know about eBay. Then it’s up to you if you want to use either Shipping Cart or MSB. Both of them will work. πŸ™‚

      You have to put the virtual US address on shipping information. That’s the whole purpose of it.
      For billing info, put the address that is linked to your credit card.

    1. Yes, you can use MSB with Paymaya. But MSB has an annual subscription fee of $25.00 per address. It will be waived if you use Gcash AMEX.

      1. Hi Sir Nehemiah. Pardon this query as I am not anywhere good at calculations. However, I do wish to know how much it will cost me in total (i.e. item price + shipping via air freight) to buy, a product called ‘Jabra Evolve 40 UC Stereo Wired Headset / Music Headphones (U.S. Retail Packaging).…

        I have read so much about this Jabra headset that surely eliminates background noise and is suitable for my future online job. Perhaps, you can also give me some advice about the best noise-cancelling headset microphone you may have used. (wink)

        This will be a first time for me to order from Amazon via Gcash after watching your very informative YouTube video. I am clueless as to how much will I need to pay in maximum for it, just to be sure for budget constraints.

        I’d appreciate your prompt reply. Thanks so much and God bless you. πŸ™‚

        1. Yup! That headset looks good for work. But don’t ask me for advice, coz I’m not an expert πŸ™‚

          That item probably just weigh a pound and box looks small too. I think shipping cost will cost about $8.50 or $17.00 if you use MSB.

          So the total cost would be $109 + $8.50. That’s about 6000Php.
          Go for it!

  4. Hi, I have several questions. I hope your still active here.
    1. What will you advise when paying Amazon (by using credit card such as bdo or paymaya).. In Peso or Usd?
    2. In handling packages.. MSB or Shopping cart?
    3. Is it ok to buy perfume in Amazon? Do you think it will be handled properly?
    Thanks man!

    1. Hi, sorry for late reply
      1. I always use USD when paying at Amazon. I let my bank do the conversion from Peso to USD.
      2. MSB and Shopping Cart both handle packages well. I found Shipping Cart to be faster.
      3. Yes, it’s ok to ship perfumes as long as they’re not in pressurized containers.

  5. Hi Nehemiah Endo, i have some important inquiry, i had purchased from Amazons all orders was done with corresponding payment of my wife’s credit card but the problem is they cancelled my order because the seller is unable to ship my order to the shipping address provided. how could i retrieve my order cause the payment for that item is done.

    1. Why can’t they ship to the address you provided? Make sure you have entered a correct U.S. address.

      If an order is cancelled, the payment will be automatically refunded. It may take 2 or more days.

  6. Hi.i just wanna ask about the way of payment.i have a debit card which i used then i am not using gcash app.can i still buy in amazon the item id like though im not using globe.
    Thank you and pls response.

    1. No, the Gcash Mastercard is probably your Philippine address. Login to your Gcash Mastercard account to double check the billing address.

  7. Hi – do I need to pay anything else when the item finally arrives at my doorstep?
    (I’m inquiring for both MSB and Shipping Cart Shopping Cart)

  8. Hi po! Just want to ask which of the two (Shipping Cart Shopping Cart and My Shopping Box) ships items quicker? I read in your post about Shipping Cart that it took 20 days. I was wondering if one of them could ship items in less than that. Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Probably MSB is quicker right now, because Shipping Cart is handling more customers. Both of them will deliver within the estimated delivery date though.

  9. Hi! I’m thinking of buying in amazon. my question is Do i use my virtual U.S shipping address as a billing address too? or I have to use my Philippine address as billing address? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    1. Shipping address is the address where you want your package to be delivered. And Billing address is the address tied to your credit/debit card.

    1. Thanks, Jen. But I’m afraid Globe Gcash AMEX currently have issues on their website. Alternatively, you can use a mobile device to download the Gcash app and that’s how it works for now.

  10. hello nehemiah! Is it true that if you register at Gcash amex virtual pay, you will be charged 250 per year? just wondering.

  11. @Nehemiah Endo HELLO, IM NEW HERE ! I HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS, im planning to buy at least 20k worth of products from amazon so here are my quesitons.
    -$402 are the price of the items, small items mainly computer parts
    -how does shipping to MSB works ? is there shipping fee from amazon to the virtual address ?
    -what about the taxes ? is there tax charged to the shipping address (virtual address in US)?
    -how do i convert my cash (peso) into $ (dollars) ? can i be done using gcash ?
    here is my sum:

    items (3): $402.97
    Shipping & handling: $46.21
    Total before tax: $449.18
    Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
    Import Fees Deposit $86.94
    Order total: $536.12

    yan ang showing sa checkout at amazon, how much sa tingin mo ang mggastos overall ?

    item dimensions

    Item Dimensions L x W x H
    -13.6 x 5.2 x 2.7 inches
    -13 x 4.5 x 0.1 inches
    -6.5 x 5.91 x 3.35 inches

    1. -If an item says “Free shipping” then it’s free delivery to the US virtual address.
      -Your order has $0.00 estimated tax to be collected
      -You can use Gcash or any credit card to pay in USD
      -the shipping cost to Philippines will depend on the size or weight of the items. You can use a calculator here–> Shipping Cart Cost Calculator

  12. hi! is gcash mastercard the same as gcash amex as to steps in purchasing from amazon? I availed gcash mastercard today. I hope to hear from you. thank you.

  13. hi good day! just have a quick question regarding what currency conversion/exchange rate is followed for every transaction thru amazon. since the item i will be purchasing is in $ (for example $10 and i will be using Globe Gcash AMEX), and current exchange rate at the time of purchase is $1=PhP45, will my Globe Gcash be deducted PhP450 or there’s a different computation? Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, you can use Gcash AMEX on Amazon. Don’t pay in Peso, instead pay in USD. I don’t suggest using Amazon’s currency converter, people say it’s a rip-off.

  14. It looks like they have dropped Amex and now are promoting a MasterCard. I have applied for one, but not used it yet. They seem very disorganised about how it works. There is a KYC (Know Your Customer) process, but today they couldn’t even do that as their computer was down. Very tiresome – be patient people!

    1. Yes, Gcash Mastercard will also work with Amazon. Globe must be doing a major update on their system. I’m unable to login for days.

  15. Hi! I just registered a GCASH AmEx Virtual Card and I received my MSB account, but it says “Your My Shopping Box account has expired. Please renew your account to be able to authorize shipment. Click here to reactivate your account.” And looking through my MSB account details, it says “Expiry Date: 2016-03-31” How come? T_T Thank you!

  16. Hi! I would just like to clarify some things. If I don’t have a credit card, then I cannot avail the service of Shipping Cart in ordering through Amazon, and my only recourse is to purchase using Globe Gcash Amex, am I right? Thanks in advance for your response

    1. You don’t need a credit card to pay Shipping Cart. Though you need the credit card for Amazon shopping.

    1. It depends on the weight of the PS4. Make it a habit to check the weight of the item on Amazon under the Product Description. If the PS4 is 10 lbs, then the shipping cost is probably around $70.

  17. Thanks for this Nehemiah Endo.
    I understand how this works. I have a MSB/Shipping Cart cart and Gcash Amex account now. My question is, once the item I ordered is delivered to my US virtual address, would it be possible to let MSB or Shipping Cart shipping cart ship to a different recipient here in Philippines instead of me? I would like to buy something on Amazon for a friend and would like the item delivered directly to his home address. I was wondering if that’s possible?

    1. Yes, that’s absolutely possible. A lot of people are actually doing that when they’re sending gifts. Just change the name and address to your preferred recipient before you ship it out.

    1. Maybe I can answer your question..Kakagamit ko lng ng G-Cash AMEX Card and MyShopping Box. Bumili ako ng standard size na Blu-Ray Disc from Amazon and used MyShopping Box. Since the weight is below 1 pound, the shipping rate was $5.99 (P280 pesos) for air freight (10 Days delivery), plus to my surprise libre na yung pag-deliver sa bahay namin. You can also use Sea Freight for $2.99 (P150 pesos) but it will take 30-40 days…Usually, most items sa Amazon, may dimension at weight na, pwede mo na i-compute kung magkano ang shipment. Very accomodating ang MyShoppingBox, you can email them and they will reply promptly. Very convenient compared sa ibang na try ko na courier/middleman. Hope this helps.

      Nehemiah Endo, I just want to say thank you for introducing MyShoppingBox and G-Cash AMEX card. I finally got to use it. Very convenient. Medyo nag-kaproblema lang ako sa KYC with Globe but the fault is on my end. Plus, hindi ko alam na kasama na pala sa pag-deliver sa bahay yung delivery rates nila. It’s really cheaper than other couriers that I used before. Thanks again! And more power!

    1. If you want the fastest and cheapest, please follow the instruction above. Especially if you don’t have a credit card, this should be a perfect option for you.

      1. How about if I am using PAYMAYA CARD? Amazon is asking for a billing address for my card. Will I use my US virtual shipping address from jinio or will i use my local PH address?

  18. I just recently subscribed to both gcash amex and MSB. According to MSB, the expiration of my subscription to them is January next year. If I renew my Gcash Amex subscription for one year by paying P250, will my subscription to MBS be renewed too and annual fee of $25 be waived for the second year?

    1. Yes, everytime you renew your Gcash Amex subscription, MSB will also renew. No need to pay the $25 annual fee.

  19. Hi. I’ve already registered at gcash amex. But I can’t seem to find the card number and expiration date. Where is it located?

    1. After you sign-up, just log in to You will be asked to create a 4 digit PIN and enroll your mobile number. Once you’re through, you can sign in completely and you will see your credit card details under the tab that says “Virtual Pay.”
      If you have a smartphone you can also download the Gcash app, so you can easily access your AmEx Virtual card details anywhere.

  20. Good day Nehemiah Endo.

    I just want to ask something. I’m planning to buy another item from Amazon but this time I want to try MyShoppingBox. Their rate is $2.99 per lb for sea cargo. Would you know if that’s already the landed cost? Regardless of the price of the item. Of are their other fees?

    For example, If I’m going to buy a book worth $15 and weights 3lbs….Does it mean I only have to pay $8.97 via sea cargo, regardless of the price of the item? Is that right? Hope you can help me with this.

    1. That’s right $2.99 per lb for Sea Cargo. I don’t think there are additional fees for books. For more details, you can email them at

  21. Hi! im planning to buy on amazon. If i registered in Gcash amex it will automatically register my my-shoppingbox?

    Or do i need to register separately in myshoppingbox?

    1. Yes, it’s automatic. After registering with Gcash AMEX, you will also receive your MSB login credentials through email.

  22. Hi! Thank you so much for this! You’ve helped me a lot πŸ™‚ I just wanted to ask your opinion though. If I will buy a book that has 2 volumes (around 13.6 pounds all in all), which do you think can provide cheaper shipping cost, MSB or Shipping Cart? If I use Shipping Cart as my third party courier do I need to have a credit card?

    1. You’re most welcome, Lou. You always need to use a credit card when shopping online. If you will use Gcash AMEX only to buy books, then I suggest to go with its partner My-ShoppingBox. There’s not much difference regarding shipping cost between the two.

  23. Sir, can you give a brief comparison between lbc shipping cart and my-shopping-box shipping, which has a higher shipping cost including all duties and taxes and delivery right to your doorstep as per rate description on their website Shipping Cart costs more? btw im a newbie with regards to this, your site has been informative and helpful

    1. It’s not required to get KYC’ed, but if you’re going to purchase items more than 5000 Php, you will need to do so. Just go to the nearest Globe outlet and present a valid ID.

  24. Hello!! I’m having troubles with regards to authorizing my shipment. After choosing my freight option, nothing happens when I click the button “Authorize Shipment” Please help.. Thanks in advance!

    1. Have you tried to use another browser? If it’s the same on any browser, please contact My-ShoppingBox at:
      Tel No. : (632) 833-1289
      Fax No. : (632) 832-7910
      Email :

  25. Hey, there you go! Merry Christmas to you, Step. Your actual calculation is spot-on, $59.90. I hope your package gets delivered to Philippines as soon as possible.
    To be honest, after I have authorized the shipment online, I never really cared how much the charge was. I only then became aware of the cost when it was deducted on my Gcash wallet.

  26. Hi, at last, my item has been posted to my MSB account. The shipping cost by air is $59.90 (that was huge!) whereas the sea freight costs $29.90.

    My package size is based on volume weight w/c is 9.89 (rounded by 10 lbs.)(pckd:19×13.3×6.5in.)

    I think I’m gonna go with sea freight since its much cheaper. I wonder if there’s an additional charge that are not included in the order form. So if they posted $29.90 for sea freight charge, is it really what they are going to deduct? Thanks!

  27. Yeah I was tempted to buy it immediately. I just worry about the shipping cost. I tracked the order on Amazon and the package was delivered to the U.S. address on Dec. 23 around 09:00 am (Philippine time). I emailed them earlier if they already received my item but still no reply. I guess I have to wait after Christmas before they post it on my account. I am really thankful that you answered my questions. I’ll let you know my shipping cost once it is posted on my account.

  28. You got that right, Step. It’s a common issue during the Christmas season. Your package will take longer to arrive, but I also hope that you get it properly and safe. As for the shipping expenses, it will definitely go above 2,000Php as per your size description. I guess if you sum it all up, it’s still much cheaper compared to retail prices here in the Philippines.

    1. I think this lesson learned if ever I received a higher shipping fee. Maybe next time I’ll ask Amazon to pack my items in the smallest box possible. How about the box of the headphones you bought, it isn’t that big right?

      I actually bought an Audio Technica ATH-M40x with Fiio E6 Amplifier and the actual box size of the headphone without the Fiio is 11.4 x 10 x 4.1 inches. So I guess added with the Fiio amp, the box they gave was the smallest one they could fit the two.

      1. Woah! With an amplifier, those are really awesome headphones. Also it’s Audio Technica for only $100, what a great deal you found there. πŸ™‚
        The box for my headset was just really small. I think it was calculated using its weight, which was less than 3lbs.

  29. Yup, and I wish it won’t go as far as Php 2,000. I think I can manage paying if its Php 1,300.

    Though I’ve read in some other blogs that MSB has a lot of complaints. I wonder if you’ve encountered problems such as missing item, items that are not immediately reflected to the MSB account even it is already delivered to the Us, etc.

    I’m crossing my fingers that nothing bad will happen to my package now that it’s near Christmas and a lot of people are buying online presents for their families/ loved ones.

  30. Hi, may I ask how much is your shipping cost in MSB and the dimension of your package? I bought a headset too and have it shipped to MSB and I’m in doubt if they’re going to charge me higher.

    Accdg to Amazon my package weighs 3.05 lbs and its dimension is:

    length: 17.30 in
    width: 11.70 in
    height: 5.70 in

    then I’ve read in MSB site that they charge the package whichever is higher in terms of the actual weight and the volume weight(dimension). So if I’m going for an Air Freight Class 2 which costs $8.5 per pound, my computation seems like they’re going to charge it by dimension.

    I think I’ll have 6.95 lbs of volume weight (they’ll round it off by 7 lbs) and if multiplied by $8.5, I’ll be having $59.5 for the shipping cost.

    It’s probably around Php 2,664.35 and that’s a lot!

    Please can you tell me how much did you pay in your MSB shipping cost because I can see in the picture above that your package is a bit bigger too. Thanks!

    1. Sorry if the picture above makes you confused, Stephanie. Those aren’t the actual ones. But as far as I remember, the item I purchased was a lot smaller. It only cost me 1,300 pesos. Your estimation is actually correct. If Amazon’s packaging is bulky, the shipping cost might even go higher. Let us know once you got yours.

      1. Hello!! Can I add items on the shopping cart and then checkout? I just wanna see how much is the total cost of my orders.

        1. Sure, you can! Feel free to add items to your shopping cart. You will see the total cost of your purchase before you can place the order.

      2. Hi im not sure if this thread is still active but.. Just to make sure i understand, i pay for amazon for the actual item and then a separate payment for the shipping here to the philippines?

        And may i ask, just thinking out of the box, which has better customer service and accurate tracking? Lbc or globe MSB?

        1. Yes, whenever you’re using third party shipping, the payment is separate. We currently recommend Shipping Cart. MSB may have improved their website and services over the past few months but I haven’t used them recently.

    2. Hi. I am also interested to shop at amazon. My question is, if I register in Gcash Amex would it mean that my automatic shipping courier is My Shopping Box? Would it be possible if I use Gcash Amex only as mode of payment then use a different shipping courier? Thank you

If you have questions, please post them on our Youtube Comments.