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Top 5 Computer Stores in the Philippines

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Searching for the best computer store in Philippines? We've got the Top 5 Stores that we recommend for computer shoppers.

If you’re looking to buy a computer in Philippines, whether that’s a laptop, desktop, network systems or maybe just particular parts/components to upgrade, then you’ve landed on the right page. We are featuring the best, most popular and reliable computer stores where you may wanna consider purchasing your desired system. Read More Top 5 Computer Stores in the Philippines

Top 5 Flower Delivery Shops in the Philippines

Flower Delivery Philippines
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If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, nothing beats sending a bouquet of flowers with  beautiful arrangement to win your woman’s heart. Be it a Wedding, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or regardless of the occasion, you can send flowers to express love, gratitude and amendment. Freshly picked flowers delivered at your doorstep is always the best thing!
 Read More Top 5 Flower Delivery Shops in the Philippines 

Top 5 Online Clothing/Fashion Stores in the Philippines

Online Clothing Store Photo
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Are you shopping online for your favorite dress or gear? Well good thing you found this page. We are revealing the best fashion stores in the Philippines, where you can get the best Girls Clothes.

We must admit that  Filipinos have a very good sense in fasion. I mean, who doesn’t want to look cool and fashionable with hot new clothes and the latest gear, right? Read More Top 5 Online Clothing/Fashion Stores in the Philippines

The Best Laptops in Philippines You Could Buy – 2018

Laptop Philippines Photo
Dell Alienware Gaming Laptops. Photo credits to
Getting a brand new laptop here in the Philippines? You probably need a Netbook, Ultrabook or a Gaming Notebook to play with the Escape Rooms. We've got some suggestions for you.

Laptops or Notebook computers have been around for a long time, we all thought that laptops are going to be obsolete. What we thought was wrong. Right now, we still believe that laptops are still king when it comes to portability of gaming, business and all-around computing. Read More The Best Laptops in Philippines You Could Buy – 2018

Top 5 Buy and Sell Sites in the Philippines

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Buy & sell online in the Philippines has grown rapidly over the recent years. So, we are featuring the best sites where you can find good buys or jump-start an online selling business.

As more and more people start to get accustomed with e-commerce, social networks as well as  the rise of Buy & Sell sites all over the world, it is now possible and easy for anyone to sell  Read More Top 5 Buy and Sell Sites in the Philippines


♥ TOP 10 – Whistle Key finder
♥ TOP 9 – Metal Fidget Spinners
♥ TOP 8 – Game of Thrones LED Lamp
♥ TOP 7 – Magnetic Car Dashboard Mount
♥ TOP 6 – Acrylic Cosmetic Organizers
♥ TOP 5 – Boom Box Touch Speaker
♥ TOP 4 – 12-in-1 Chef Basket
♥ TOP 3 – Bluetooth Beanie
♥ TOP 2 – FC-POCKET Portable
♥ TOP 1 – QCY QY12 Sports Headset
Lazada Philippines


Top #10

Whistle Key Finder

What’s good about this is that it actually works! If you always forget where you left your keys well this one’s for you. By simply whistling it triggers the device to keep flashing and beeping until you find it. It also comes with a small LED torch light which is very useful and affordable but first make sure you know how to whistle.


Top #9

Metal Fidget Spinners

We all know about fidget spinners and how popular they are right now but these are somewhat special. Based from the Animes Naruto and One Piece, these spinners look very cool and well designed so if you’re an anime fan with ADHD then you may want to add these to your collection.


Top #8

Game of Thrones LED Lamp

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones (like we do), check out these Game of Thrones 3d LED lamp! Not really 3d but the outline design creates that 3d illusion when the lamp is turned on. This would be a great ornament for your loom or maybe send it to someone who’s also addicted to Game of Thrones.


Top #7

Magnetic Car Dashboard Mount

Car dashboard mount holder for your mobile device! These holders are now very crucial for vehicles as they provide the right place for your phone to look at while you’re driving. Not only they prevent accidents but they also look cool on your dashboard. There are various designs you can choose from. As you can see some even have your car logo on them. Just stick the included metal plate at the back of your phone and you’re good to go.


Top #6

Acrylic Cosmetic Organizers

There’s not much to tell you about these we just liked them very much because they’re so elegant. Acrylic is a very tough and clear plastic material. You could also use these for organizing your jewelry tools or any accessories. If you have a partner who loves makeup kits then you should consider getting her one.


Top #5

Boom Box Touch Speaker

This speaker is quite unique and doesn’t need any cables bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Just place your phone or any mp3 player on top of it and it will automatically start playing. It’s like magic but really it’s just using some sort of vibration technology to amplify everything. Nevertheless it’s an extraordinary and cool product.


Top #4

12-in-1 Chef Basket

As seen on TV and the internet, most of you know this already. It’s got tons of uses like lifting clapping, rinsing, draining, boiling, steaming, frying and so on. The best thing about this is that it folds flat which makes it easier for kitchen storage, carrying, and washing.


Top #3

Bluetooth Beanie

You may want to put on something to relieve the cold. This is no ordinary beanie though. It’s a Bluetooth beanie! Surprisingly it has a built-in wireless headset for listening to music and taking phone calls. So if you wanna combine fashion and the power of technology, go ahead and buy this one!


Top #2

FC-POCKET Portable

This is the famous family computer back in the days – all fitted into this golden maroon controller with a small screen! You can also connect this to a TV to get a bigger screen. No need to buy games anymore as this comes with 600 different titles. It’s a perfect gift for Christmas but don’t give it to kids, give it to adults who grew up playing the Nintendo family computer and let them indulge in nostalgia.


Top #1

QCY QY12 Sports Headset

QCY has been producing really good Bluetooth headsets, but this one is currently our favorite. It’s good for workouts and even though it’s wireless, it really has very good sound quality. Play time is about 5 to 8 hours and the magnetic design makes it very stylish.


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