How to Shop Using vPost Singapore

When shopping at Amazon, vPost is probably the favorite Shop & Ship service in Singapore. vPost can actually provide you with four different country addresses that lets you shop on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan and Amazon China. Unlike other freight forward services, vPost Singapore offers very cheap shipping costs and Sea Freight which is efficient for shipping large or heavy packages.

vPost (Virtual Post) is a freight forward service instituted by SingPost. This service will allow you to shop internationally with corresponding virtual overseas addresses.


Basic Steps in Using vPost

1) Sign Up to Get Your vPost Addresses!

To get started, sign up on vPost’s website: After your account is created, just go to the “My Addresses” tab to see your virtual addresses. Different suite numbers are actually provided per account. Here’s a screenshot of my own 4 virtual addresses:

Vpost Singapore Addresses Photo
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2) You’re Now Ready to Shop on Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan or Amazon China!

Go to either one of these Amazon websites and fulfill your shopping. During checkout, don’t forget to enter the vPost shipping address respectively based on which country you’re shopping from. Here’s  a screenshot on how to enter the USA address on Amazon US website:

Vpost Singapore Amazon Photo
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3) Ship & Track the Package to Your Home!

Once your shopping item/s have been delivered to the vPost address, you will receive a notification email. Follow the instructions on the email to learn how to ship your package. Just like any other freight forward service, you will need to select your shipping options, enter your Singapore home address, payment information and voucher codes (if available). After doing all of that, your package should be on its way home. You can then track the status of your shipment under the “My Tracking” tab.

Note: vPost may ask you to declare the package value. If CIF (cost of package + insurance + shipping) exceed S$400, you will incur 7% GST (Customs Tax).

Vpost Singapore Tracking Photo
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In just 5-8 business days, you’ll receive the package at your doorsteps. As simple as that! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and shop at your preferred Amazon sites right now!

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  1. I need to return a pair of shoes bought from Amazon US via vPost and now I don’t know how to return it as the only address to pick up item is in the vPost warehouse, which I cannot send back to according to the vPost customer service. What can I do about that right now? This is very frustrating especially when the size chart of the item is totally off!

    1. I understand your frustration, Brian. In the past, I’ve also purchased a few pairs of shoes and sandals that don’t fit me. Unfortunately according to vPost, we must do an arrangement directly with the merchant for returning items. That means we may have to shoulder the shipping expenses back to the merchant. I didn’t wanna go through that pain so I just sold the shoes locally and bought new ones. If you really wanna return the item, I can only advice you to contact the merchant and see what they can do.

    1. Once your item has been posted on the vPost website, you can get to choose your shipment options. One of them is to choose whether Air or Sea freight.

  2. Hey so how will vpost know it’s my product when it gets there lets say I get a supreme item I ship to vpost warehouse and I already have vpost account how will they know it’s my item and how they will notify me and what if they don’t?

    1. As mentioned above, when you create a vPost account, they will give you a shipping address with a specific suite number. That number is only for YOU. All the items delivered to that address are all YOURS.

      Don’t worry, vPost is a legit business and they’ve been operating for a long time now. They do their best to satisfy customers so they will definitely notify you 🙂

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