Amazon Shopping Tips & Guidelines

Note: We've created these tips based on our own shopping experience and research. These may not be applicable if you're outside of Singapore.

Amazon Singapore

  1.  Shop during an Amazon Sale. The most popular sale event is the Amazon Black Friday.
  2.  To avoid paying for shipping, take advantage of Amazon free shipping to Singapore on eligible items.
  3.  Know the prohibited goods when shipping to Singapore. Check out this list  – Prohibited Items
  4.  Only buy from well-established Amazon merchants. In our opinion, they should have over 100 customer ratings and at least 85% positive feedbacks. This will ensure good quality products and lower the possibility of returning items.
  5.  When using a freight forwarder, always advise Amazon merchants to pack the item/s in the smallest box possible to reduce shipping cost.
  6.  Freight forwarders usually offer credit card promos. Be sure to always check if you’re eligible for any promos to get shipping discounts.
  7. Buying a product on Amazon + shipping costs is usually cheaper than buying the same product from local Singapore retailers.
  8.  If using a freight forwarder, try  to consolidate your packages into a single shipment to avoid multiple base cost charges. Some forwarders will allow you to store packages for free up to 30 days.
  9.  7% Import tax (GST) is imposed by Singapore Customs whenever a package value exceed S$400. A good way to get around this is to split Amazon orders into multiple packages going to your Singapore address.
  10.  Be wary of shipping dense items such as books, lotion, shampoo etc.. These items could weigh a lot and may result high shipping charges.
  11.  If your credit card is not accepted by Amazon, you can make use of services such as comGateway’s Buy4me and vPost’s vShop4U.
  12.  If you’re buying household appliances from Amazon US, they usually support only 110 – 120V. Here in Singapore, appliances are usually 220 – 240V. If your house doesn’t have built-in power oulets for 120V, you can use a step down transformer or buy a completely different product instead.
  13.  Freight forwarders usually offer repacking of items if the actual weight and volumetric weight difference is above 2kg. Repacking should reduce shipping cost.
  14.  Don’t hesitate to contact Amazon customer service if you have any concerns or problems with its web sites.
  15.  Most of all, learn everything about Amazon shopping to prevent any issues and get the most out of your savings!

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