How to Shop at Amazon Using Freight Forward

If you want to shop at while you’re in Singapore, we always recommend using third party shipping or freight forward services. Doing direct shipping may sometimes take longer to deliver as packages can get stuck for customs inspection. Also, not all products on Amazon can be shipped directly to Singapore. So the best solution is to use a freight forwarder that can provide you a virtual U.S. address and manage the international shipping process for you. It’s easy, fast, safe, and inexpensive shipping!

In this tutorial, we'll be using this service called comGateway because they offer free subscription and cheap shipping rates. Other popular freight forwarders in Singapore that you may try are vPost Singapore, Borderlinx and myUS.

Now Here are the Steps!

1) Sign Up with comGateway and Get Your Free U.S. Address!

Go to and begin your registration. Once you’re done activating your account, a U.S. address will be assigned specifically for your own use. Whenever you’re signed into the website, you can easily see the address at the upper-left portion of the page. Below is a screenshot of my U.S. address:

comGateway US address photo
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2) Start Shopping at!

Just shop for your desired item/s on Amazon like you normally do. During checkout, make sure to enter the U.S. address provided by comGateway as the shipping address. Below is a screenshot on how I entered the address correctly:

Amazon freight forward screenshot
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3) Arrival of the Goods at the U.S. Address!

Once the goodies made it to comGateway’s warehouse, you will be notified immediately via email. Your item/s should have been inspected and measured already and the invoice will show at the “Packages at U.S. Address” tab.

The shipping cost to Singapore will depend on the size or weight of the item/s (whichever is higher). I actually bought a netbook and it was measured by the size of its box which has a volumetric weight of 2.5kg. So if possible, always advise merchants to pack your orders in the smallest box possible.

ComGateway may also ask you to declare the value of your item/s. It is important that you enter the exact amount you’ve spent on Amazon to avoid problems during customs inspection and give your shipping proper insurance. So I entered 249 USD which was the price of the laptop. Please see the screenshot below for the details:

comGateway package arrival photo
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4) Pay the Shipment and Wait for the Package to Arrive at Your Doorsteps!

Finally, after reviewing the invoice, it’s now time to pay and ship your orders to your home address. Go to the “Ship + Track” tab and select the package/s that you want to ship. At this point, you will have to enter your Singapore address, payment method and/or promo codes if you have any. ComGateway also allows you to choose shipping speeds – Standard (6-8 business days) or Express (3-5 business days).

The total shipping cost I paid for the laptop? Only 29.77 USD! I was so surprised how cost-effective it is to ship this device internationally. (Although you have to keep in mind that if your item/s value + the shipping cost exceed SGD 400, you will incur 7% GST)

Total Shipment Cost Photo
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It’s so simple, right? Once you’ve become an expert on this, you can save a lot of money on things you wish to buy. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start your shopping now at!

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  1. On Comgateway’s website, it says there’s a new regulation in shipping lithium batteries. I believe most gadgets now run with lithium batteries. Will I have problem shipping gadgets?

    1. No need to worry because it is only applicable to loose batteries. If you’re shipping whole working gadgets like mobile phones, laptops or cameras, there won’t be any problems.

    1. That’s actually a very good question, Leo. I’ve actually contacted comGateway about it and they said that they can ship any kind of jewelry as long as the item cost doesn’t exceed US$ 10,000.

  2. Is the 7% GST derived from from the item’s price or the total shipping cost?

    And is there a way to avoid GST when the item I like to buy is more than 400 SGD?

    1. It would be derived from both shipping cost and item’s value. I’m afraid that GST is a law by the government and you might do something illegal if you avoid it. However, if you’re buying many items less than 400 SGD, you can separate them into multiple packages. If you don’t allow each shipping transaction to exceed 400 SGD, then you’re free from GST. 🙂

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