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Here's the big question, "Does Amazon provide free delivery to Singapore?" The answer is a big "YES," though there are certain limitations and most products sold by third party are ineligible.

It’s really awesome that now offers free shipping to Singapore. Considering the fact that international export is costly, we are grateful to have this compliment. The service is called AmazonGlobal – which provides easy and FREE international shipping . To qualify for this, the total amount of your orders must exceed $125 (SG$170) and the weight must not exceed 20 lbs. Also, the product should be legal and eligible to ship to Singapore.

Set Delivery Address

If you wanna find out immediately whether a product is eligible for Singapore shipping, I kindly suggest to set your default address on your Amazon account settings.

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Just log in to and enter Your Account page, then select Addresses. There you can add or edit your shipping addresses. Make sure to set your Singapore address as the default.

Item Delivers Directly to Singapore

After setting your default address, Amazon should now be able to prompt you whether an item “Ships to Singapore” or “Does not ship to Singapore.” The headphones below is an example of an item that ships to Singapore.

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Otherwise, if the item you desire does not ship to Singapore, you can use a Freight Forwarding service that provides a virtual U.S. address which allows you to ship easily to Singapore. The shipping cost isn’t that expensive either. For the complete tutorial, please proceed here–> Amazon Shopping Using Freight Forward.


Only products that are sold and fulfilled by Amazon will mostly qualify for the FREE shipping. The ASUS Graphics Unit below is Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon – No Import Fees Deposit & FREE Shipping to Singapore.

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Products sold by third party may not qualify for AmazonGlobal Free Shipping but will provide Standard Shipping with only a small amount of shipping fee to Singapore. This fancy watch by Michael Kors only cost $7 to ship to Singapore, not bad..

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FREE Delivery Options

Now to check whether you got FREE Shipping, just go to checkout and see your Delivery Options. If you qualify then you will see these options  – FREE AmazonGlobal Shipping or FREE Standard Shipping.

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If you got the FREE delivery options, then congratulations! You have saved a lot of money. If not, then double check your orders or maybe you just have to go with Standard Shipping. Anyway if you have any dispute on items sold by Amazon, you can also contact customer service for questions or inquiries.

Another thing you should remember is when the total amount of your orders exceed SG$400 (around 295 USD), a small amount of Import Fees Deposit will incur. That is due to Singapore Customs tax laws. If you’re buying multiple items, you can avoid having more than SG$400 worth of products by splitting your order into two or more if possible.

That’s basically it! Go ahead and start placing your orders now at!
Delivery from Amazon to Singapore usually comes earlier than the estimated time. I always receive my package in just 1 or 2 weeks at my doorsteps!

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  1. Trying to order books on Amazon. It says on checkout I only have to pay 170 sgd with free shipping. Is that all I need to pay or there are hidden taxes?

    1. Yes! That’s all you need to pay, Alexis. As long as the item is eligible to ship to Singapore, Amazon automatically calculates everything for you. 🙂

    1. Hi, Lala. The shipping cost is automatically calculated by Amazon upon checkout. Just add the item in your shopping cart and go to checkout. Before placing your order, you will see the total cost of your purchase and shipping fees.

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