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Our website helps you shop at Amazon US while you’re in Singapore. As we all know, is the largest online store but doesn’t fully operate yet in Singapore. We are now living in a world with advanced technology so it doesn’t matter even Amazon is in the United States or any country. People can now buy and ship products internationally without spending so much money.

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As mentioned, Amazon US ( is a huge online store and it offers most of the products that we’re looking for. Most people buy books, tech & gadgets, health & beauty products, toys and collectibles. It’s a very good thing that Amazon offers free delivery to Singapore. However not all the items are eligible to ship internationally. The Amazon Kindle device for example – actually one of the best products you can have, but unfortunately it does not ship to Singapore. You must use a forwarder like ComGateway or vPost if you really want such a product. That’s the reason we’ve created these tutorials. We want you to be aware of the best and possible ways to ship the products you want. The steps are very easy and shopping at Amazon is a must.  Find out to see how exciting and awesome it is to buy imported and rare goods from the USA.

If You’re New to Amazon Shopping, check out these links:

Note: Before you can start shopping, it is required for you to have an Amazon account and a credit/debit card. To create a new account on Amazon, please go to this link–> Amazon Registration

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    1. Hi, Kenny! Based on the rates provided on their websites, vPost is a little cheaper. On our tutorials though, we recommend comGateway because we are pleased by its fast customer support and shipping.

    1. No hidden charges, Jeane. The total cost of the shipping will be clearly presented to you before you ship and pay the package.

    1. The Kindle Paperpwhite is not fully supported by Amazon when used in other countries, that’s probably why they don’t offer free shipping. But if you really want the Kindle, you can use freight forward to ship it to Singapore. Please visit the tutorial here–> How to Shop Using Freight Forward

    1. I don’t think there’s a limit on the number of items you can ship, but you have to remember the 7% Customs tax implied when a single package value reached S$400.

  1. Hello, please give me an advice to ship telescope worth US$200. The shipping cost is a huge $80 when I ship it directly through It should be cheaper if I use freight forward right?

    1. I’m assuming that telescope is very large and heavy. It might be cheaper if you ship it via Sea Freight. vPost can ship packages via Sea if it’s more than 10kg. See the tutorial here–> How to Shop with vPost

      I also suggest to contact vPost for the details before you buy the product.

    1. The main benefit of Amazon Prime is you get 2-day free shipping to a US address. I don’t recommend getting Amazon Prime unless you’re shopping very frequently using a freight forwarder.

    2. Just a caveat when using Amazon Prime, if you’re buying multiple items they would be often shipped individually. It’s probably because Prime’s main purpose is to get the items to the customer as fast as possible. One reason for multiple deliveries is that some items are not immediately available, so the other items that are actually in stock are delivered first and the rest are delivered at a later time. Another reason is that some items are in stock in one Amazon warehouse and the others are in stock in another Amazon warehouse.It may be a tad excessive for Amazon to use a lot of packaging materials and boxes but that’s the experiences of some Amazon Prime members.

      So if you’re shipping using freight forward, the charges would likely blow up due to the large packages and/or repacking fees.

    1. Hi, the warranty of a phone applies depending on what brand, version or country of purchase. It would be best to ask the seller about the warranty of a particular phone that you wish to buy. 🙂

    1. Nope, because Amazon UK is a completely separate store from Amazon US. Some policies may also differ if country is not the same.

    1. If the product can be shipped directly to Singapore, then I would suggest doing that because it can be cheaper. If the item cannot be shipped to Singapore directly, then you’ll have to use freight forward.

  2. If I get Amazon Prime in Singapore, apart from the FREE Two-Day Shipping, do I get instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video, on-demand, ad-free music streaming to over 2 million songs, read unlimited books, magazines, and more on any device with Prime Reading?

    1. You can get 2-day free shipping but for the other benefits I believe they will require a USA IP address. You can get your US IP address through a Proxy or VPN provider.

    1. Yes, that’s definitely possible. Just be sure to enter the right shipping address to Singapore. Even you’re from the US, you can buy on Amazon and ship directly to somebody else.

  3. is comgateway still the recommended? Sadly amazon had stopped the free shipping to singapore. So i might need to look for alternative if its not available in their Prime Now 🙁

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