How to Buy Products on Amazon and Deliver to Philippines

Does Amazon ship to Philippines? Yes, but not all products ship directly to Philippines and sometimes the shipping fee + tax is expensive. Good thing we have found a better and cheaper way of shipping to Philippines by using a forwarding service.

When I’m shopping at, I always use a forwarder like Shipping Cart. This service can help you save more time and money when you’re shopping from another country to Philippines. The trick is Shipping Cart provides a virtual U.S. and U.K. shipping address and warehouse storage. This allows you to manage your international orders and have them ship to your Philippine home address safely and fast. This process also prevents you from dealing with some issues caused by our dearest Philippine Bureau of Customs regarding imported products.

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Shipping Cart Easy Step-by-Step

1. Create your Shipping Cart account

Head over to and sign up.  After creating your account, Shipping Cart will assign a specific U.S. and U.K. address for you. From now on, this the shipping address you will use whenever your shopping in the US or UK.

When you’re logged in to Shipping Cart’s website, you can easily find your assigned account number and shipping addresses at the left side of the page. See this screenshot below:

Shipping Cart Virtual US Address Photo

I had to cover up my account number to avoid confusion. Shipping Cart provides a different account number per account to identify your deliveries.

2. Start your Shopping at Amazon!

In this example, I will be shopping at (US). If you don’t have an Amazon account yet, then get yourself signed up now >> HERE

Once signed up, go ahead and start adding items to your shopping cart. I actually ordered 5 items – a Ryzen CPU, motherboard, DDR4 memory kit, wifi adapter and  hard disk enclosure. If I buy these in the Philippines, I would be spending more money.

Amazon Shopping Cart Delivery

After choosing your items, just proceed to checkout. For the shipping address, you will have to enter the U.S. address that ShippingCart provided. Here’s a screenshot below on how to enter the shipping address on Amazon’s website:

Amazin Shipping address Philippines Photo

Finish the Amazon checkout by completing all the required information like payments method (credit/debit card) and place your order. Once you’re done, you’ll just have to wait until your orders are delivered to ShippingCart’s US warehouse.

3. Confirm the Shipment

Shipping Cart will immediately notify you through email once your orders arrive at their warehouse. Just log back in to ShippingCart’s website to confirm the shipment going to Philippines.

If you don’t see the items yet, you may need to wait a couple more days. My items took 3 days before they finally got listed, so just be patient.

My Amazon orders came in 2 separate boxes on different dates but good thing ShippingCart allows you to consolidate multiple items. You’ll see all the stored items under the Cart tab. Here’s a screenshot on how they will appear:

Amazon Shipping to Philippines Confirmation
Click to Enlarge
On your Cart tab is where you can choose items and shipment options. You have the option whether AIR Cargo or SEA Cargo. The best part is you can insure the shipment for free up to $500. Just enter the price of the items you ordered to give them insurance.

As you can see, the 5 items only cost 2,360 Pesos to ship to the Philippines. That includes Customs tax already so you don’t have to pay anything further.

After selecting your preferred shipment options, just click “Ship It.”

4. Pay the Shipment

Now you’ll just have to choose your payment method and enter your home address. ShippingCart allows you to pay Cash, Credit Card, or PayPal.

For the shipping address, make sure this time to enter your Philippine home address or wherever you want the package to be delivered. Once you’re done, just hit the button that says, “Pay & Ship.” Here’s a screenshot below:

Amazon Shipping to Philippines Payment Photo
Click to Enlarge
Note: If you choose to pay with cash, ShippingCart will provide a reference number for your payment. You must then go to the nearest LBC branch and tell the staff that you are making a payment for "ShippingCart." Just provide the reference number to the LBC staff and ready your cash.

If you pay via credit card or PayPal - much better because you don't have to go out and pay :)
Shipping Cart Thank You Page
Click to Enlarge

Next thing you’ll receive this “Thank you” page which means you’re all done! Just wait for the package to arrive at your doorsteps. ShippingCart will notify you of any status update of your shipment via email or through their website – which is perfect!

My package actually came earlier than I expected!  Last Amazon order was made Feb 20, then added on my Shipping Cart account on Feb 24, then got shipped to my Philippine address on March 3. Overall, it took only 11 days! Considering that they were shipped from the States, WOW! That’s not bad at all!

The items were kept in a large box with bubble wraps which was delivered by LBC. I immediately took a photo after unboxing! Check them out..

Amazon Delivery to Philippines Photo
Click to Enlarge
After testing the items, they were all in good condition which was expected. So I will be using Shipping Cart again when I shop at Amazon!

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  1. I want to purchase a laptop in Amazon, it costs around $1,900.00 but in the Philippines it costs $2,600.00 so you can imagine how glad i am when I saw your guide. I saw you also had a laptop delivered and made me less worried about having my purchased laptop shipped. The only question is, did you use a credit card to purchase the laptop in amazon?

    1. Yes, I used a credit card but you can also use debit cards as long as it has the mastercard or visa logo. If you don’t have a credit/debit card, you can also sign up for prepaid credit cards like Gcash Amex or Gcash Mastercard 🙂

  2. Ordering a monitor, will it arrive without damages?
    I ordered an item online before without using Shipping Cart. When the item came, I had to go get it from the post office. Will Shipping Cart deliver the item directly to my place or will use the post office too?
    Is it possible to use Shipping Cart on other online stores like ?

    1. I ordered a laptop and camera before and they came in perfect condtion. If you use Shipping Cart, they will straight to your home address.
      Yes, you can use Shipping cart with any US online store 🙂

  3. Hello sir, if I choose to pay in cash to LBC, are they going to deliver the items to my address? Or should I pick it up in LBC?

    1. They will deliver it to your address. Paying cash at an LBC branch is just another way of payment. It has nothing to do with the shipping address 🙂

  4. Hi Sir!

    Is there a way to know the fee of Shipping Cart from US to PH before I actually order in Amazon? I like it tho that Shipping Cart has an option to pay using CC.

    Also, which is cheaper, Shipping Cart or JAC?

    Planning to order 10 jars and they are 1 pound each.

    I’m on mobile and I’m kinda limited in navigating your site. This topic waa probably answered in the comments but I hope you can reply to me here. your kind response will be much appreciated.


    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I haven’t been checking the site lately. Anyway, Shipping Cart has a shipping calculator on their website. Just get the size and weight info of the item on Amazon and Shipping cart can give you an estimate of the shipping cost.

      Shipping Cart is cheaper than JAC especially if you’re buying many items.

  5. Hi. Need your opinion, I’ve been looking for an Aurora Classic Doll 2015 by Disney Store and I saw one in amazon, costs $25+. Then I saw a local ad selling the same doll for PhP2000. What do you think, is this price reasonable or I’ll be able to save more if I buy the doll directly from amazon and then use Shipping Cart? Thanks

    1. Use your name on Shipping Cart. Once items are delivered to the virtual US address, Shipping Cart will then let you choose a name and shipping address of the person that will receive the package.

    1. Yes, I think that’s the main purpose of Shipping Cart. Be sure to check also the prohibited items from Shipping Cart website 🙂

    1. Pag shinip using Sea Cargo or pag nagkasya sa box size 24x18x18, hindi siya special handling.

      Yes, declared value ay yung price ng product. Wala na pong babayaran na tax. Shipping Cart na po bahala magcalculate para sa inyo 🙂

  6. Impressive guide sir. Nais ko din magorder ng gaming monitor for $550. Safe ba magpadala ng ganoon kalaking items and pinakamurang way kahit matagal maghintay.

  7. So if you want something at amazon, how can you pay the item? is it after the item is shipped to the shipping cart then pay it there with the deliver fee, or i have to pay on amazon first then it will be shipped to the shipping cart then delivery fee comes later after it arrived?

    sorry for me as a first time and i only have virtual paymaya accessible on my phone….

    1. People in the US use credit cards to pay for items. So payment always comes first. You can use your PayMaya virtual credit card at Amazon 🙂

      1. oh.. okay, so meaning i have to know the exact conversion of my money in pesos to US, depending on the item, tricky on sudden exchange but looks like i have to add extra just to be sure, thanks for the help ^^

        Where to see the insured/declared value? is it the one that the price you paid for the item or somewhere it shows after i paid the item?…

        1. I don’t mind the exact conversion, because items I bought from Amazon are either too expensive here in the Philippines or unavailable. If you’re using credit card to pay, I suggest you pay in US dollars so that your bank will do the conversion instead.

          You’ll see insured value when your item shows up on Shipping Cart’s website. Just input the price of the item (it doesn’t need to be exact).

  8. Hi gusto ko sana mag order ng pc parts sa amazon. Napansin ko po meron ang shippingcart ng pwede ka mag estimate ng shipping cost problem ko is alam ko yung amount kaso di ko alam yung weight and dimention ng gagamitin ng amazon na box na enter ko dun sa site. Pls guide me kung pano ko malalaman sa amazon un?

    1. Estimate nyo lang po. For example bibilin nyo to Ryzen CPU

      Check nyo lang po Product information:
      Item Weight – 1.1 pounds
      Product Dimension – 5.3 x 5.3 x 5.3 inches

      Ang estimation ng Shipping Cart – 937Php lang shipping cost
      Malaki matitipid lalu na pag bibili ka ng marami. Kung sa Pinas bibilin yang Ryzen sobrang mahal.

  9. This site is impressive. Bilis make respond ng author. I’ll be ordering a gaming monitor for my ps4. I’ll share to everyone if okay ba talaga ang service ng shipping cart

    1. Thanks, Jake! Shipping Cart is definitely okay. Monitor is huge though and it’s expensive to ship via Air Cargo. You can ship it via Sea Cargo and it will be delivered within 45 days. 🙂

  10. Hi ask ko lang po if you have any idea, does shipping cart email you instantly once nareceive nila yung item or after 24 hours pa po? Thanks.

    1. Insured value is the price of your item. Shipping Cart provides insurance equivalent to the price of the items in case they get lost.

  11. hi meron po akong item na 85k tapos nung for checkout naging computation ay 100k at nakita ko po nakalagay before tax pa so magkano kaya ang magiging patong pagdating dito sa pinas?

    1. Wow 85k!? Amazon seller’s tax must be 15k. If you ship it to Philippines, I do not believe there will be more tax added. Only pay the shipping cost. I suggest you contact Shipping Cart first before shipping that item.

    1. Yes, the shipping is 1k because it’s international shipping. We only buy at Amazon when an item is not available in the Philippines or too expensive to buy here.

  12. hi, can i shop from any online shopping site aside from amazon and use the shipping cart to process my orders? can i process payment for example im not in the philippines but i wanted to send the items there and using money remittance available in the country?

    1. Yes, Shipping Cart will work with any US online stores. Pardon me, I didn’t seem to understand your second question.

  13. Hi. In using ShippingCart’s Shipping Estimate feature, is there a way for me to get accurate dimensions of the item that I’m about to order?

  14. From you Experience which is cheaper from these three?

    Direct Shipping From Amazon to Philippines
    How to Shop in the U.S. with Johnny Air
    How to Shop with Globe Gcash AMEX

    1. Johnny Air is cheapest and fastest if you’re just shipping one item within Metro Manila. Otherwise, go with Globe Gcash AmEx and My-ShoppingBox.

  15. Hi. How much did you pay for the camera? what model was it? i am planning to buy a camera and was considering shippingcart than johnny air. 🙂

  16. for Shipping cart, they have this “Maximum size” and “Maximum Weight” they say they allow for shipments.
    If you ordered multiple items, do they combine the sizes into a total and compare this with the “maximum” size they allow to ship? or are they accounted separately?
    and is this the same case for the Weight?.. like if I purchase 2 different items, one is 50 pounds, and another one at 30 pounds, this would add up to 80 pounds, but they only allow 75 pounds weight.. so are they shipping these two Separately?

    and if they are shipping the Items separately, does this mean the Cost of shipping are added on each?

    1. No, I think it’s per item, not the combined size or weight of multiple items. I’ve never shipped that much before so I would advise to contact ShippingCart for clarifications.

    1. For insured value, just put the price of the item you bought.
      You can do pre-orders, Amazon will just deliver the book to the virtual address as soon as it is released.

  17. Hi have you ever tried shipping with big amounts? Im planning to buy a camera, lens and cards which totals me to around $3.4k, im just wondering if is it safe? kasi based sa mga nababasa kong recent reviews and facebook comments puro negative and nakakakaba sya kasi di biro ung presyo

    1. Wow that’s really pricey. I can only tell you that I haven’t had a bad experience with ShippingCart. The most amount I spent was only about $800. If you’re gonna buy at Amazon, be sure to buy only from legit high rated sellers.

  18. Hi, this is very helpful! Thanks for this.. I also want to try shipping cart, would there also be any membership fees if I sign up or I’ll just have to pay the shipping cost from US to PH? Thanks!

      1. Hi! I’m a bit confused between the GCash MSB address that they provide and the virtual address of Shipping Cart Shopping Cart. When and which to use in completing a purchase?

        1. If you’re using Gcash Amex as your credit card, I suggest using MSB. However you can also use ShippingCart. Either one will definitely work. 🙂

  19. Is there a prohibition/special handling cost/none of these(allowed and free) for rechargeable AA and AAA batteries?

    1. Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries are ok to ship. I believe there’s no Special handling as long as they are in original packaging.

    1. You can save more on shipping cost if you ship many items at once, instead of shipping individual items to Philippines.

  20. Hello! Have you ever experienced buying something that needed to be returned because it was damaged? What did you do? I’ve been thinking about buying a laptop from Amazon, but I’m worried it might get here with an issue.


    1. I buy regularly at Amazon and luckily I haven’t experienced any product issues. I advice you buy only from high rated sellers to avoid any problems. For returns though, the ShippingCart team may be able to help you out.

      1. To return the package to the seller/merchant, please obtain an RMA (Return to Merchant Authorization) with prepaid postage from the seller. If the RMA doesn’t include prepaid postage, you will have to obtain a prepaid shipping label from any US courier such as USPS, UPS or Fedex. Once you have the RMA and the prepaid postage (or prepaid shipping label), please send us the soft copy in PDF or JPG format so we can endorse it to the warehouse for pullout processing.

        Step by step:

        1. Contact your merchant or seller and get an RMA
        2. Check if the RMA is prepaid (or ask your merchant to be sure)
        3. If RMA has prepaid postage, then just send us a soft copy so we can forward it to the warehouse
        4. If RMA doesn’t include prepaid postage, you will need to get a prepaid shipping label from any US courier such as USPS or UPS. If your credit card is not accepted, you may try using PayPal. Once you have the prepaid shipping label, send it to us together with the RMA
        5. Once you receive confirmation from the warehouse that the package has been pulled out already, you may track the return through the tracking number in the RMA and/or the prepaid label you provided

        (Optional: shipping to another US address – applicable only to prohibited packages)
        To ship the package out to another US address, you will need to get a prepaid shipping label from any US courier such as USPS or UPS or Fedex. Once you have it, please send it to us in PDF or JPG format so we can have it processed by the warehouse team.

        Feel free to contact us for concerns and inquiry.

        Thank you.

        Kind Regards,

        Customer Support

        Not exactly what you were expecting ?

        You thought ShippingCart might sort out the return for you, given you are in Philippines and they are in the US?

        Hmmm…. so just contact a US courier…

  21. Hi! I tried to order a perfume in amazon using this method but earlier today I received this message “Delivery attempted
    An attempt was made to deliver your package, but the business was closed. Please look for a notice of attempted delivery for the next steps.” What should I do? Thank you in advance.

  22. sno na po naka experience ng shipping sa sea cargo? would it really took 45days to arrived at my doorstep? let me know po salamat.

    1. Yup, you just did it right. The PS4 Pro is quite huge. You can ship it through Sea cargo and it would only cost around 1100Php.

  23. Do I have to pay for the item that I want to purchase AND the Shipping Cart Shipping fee?(Basically 2 fees?)
    Stupid question, I know but, I need clarification before I try it.

    1. Yes, 2 payments
      1. Pay Amazon for the item you wish to buy (Credit/debit card required)
      2. Pay Shipping Cart to ship item to Philippines

    1. Yes, Shipping Cart accepts Gcash Mastercard. As for the shipping fee, if that PlayStation 4 has a weight of 10lbs and dimension of 20 x 15 x 5 inches, then the cost should be around 1000php – Sea Cargo and 5000php – Air Cargo.

  24. Good day po nun nagpadala po ba kayo nun laptop naglagay pa po sila ng extra box with bubble wrap? gusto ko po kasi bumili nun Alienware with dimensions of 47x52x12cm HxWxD Weight = 7.2kg declared value siguro $1800… is it possible na mag add pa sila ng isang box for that yun kasi ang worry ko baka kasi lalo tumaas yun shipping fee…

    1. I believe susukatin nila yung original box ng laptop. Kung third party ang seller, pwede mo sila kontakin para ipack yung item in the smallest package possible para sure

    1. The shipping weight of that laptop is 7 lbs. so assuming that’s accurate, the cost is around 3800 Php on Air Cargo and 1000php on Sea Cargo.

  25. Hello po. thanks to you i discovered the shipping cart.but am a little bit confused. do you think po pwede magp ship ng perfume? thanks! i got confused with the list of prohibited items.

    1. Pwede ang perfume basta hindi pressurized yung container. I believe yung mga nasa metal container na parang hairspray bawal.

  26. Hi i would like to ask if i shipped a ps4 via sea cargo is there a possibility that it would get damaged? It weighs aprox 10lbs,, if shipped it via air it will cost me almos 5k vs the sea cargo costing on 1k+,,, but iaI am worried that the ps4 will be damaged via sea cargo, tnx

  27. ..this is a very helpful blog. Mr. Nehemia, i just wanna ask if they also ship jewelries? Which is the better way to ship jewelries, via Air o Sea?

  28. Hi Nehemiah Endo. Thanks for your reply. Is there a limit on the price of product you can purchase. In my case I am planning to buy a 3d Printer in Amazon costing $2.2K. I emailed shipping cart and they have not responded back yet, maybe you can help me. Once again, thanks.

    1. There’s no limit on product price. But free insurance has a limit of $500. In case you want more insurance, you would have to pay more fees. But I think $500 is ok. I’ve been using Shipping Cart every month for several years now, and I haven’t experience any shipping loss/damage. 🙂

      1. Thank you very much for that advise. I computed shipping cost for air and sea on my package and I think I would be going for sea since it is almost 10 times cheaper. At least I would have peace of mind knowing that there is no limit to price, coz I just don’t want my package to get held up to customs pasay, since I leave in mindinao. Once again thank you.

  29. Hi Nehemiah Endo, I wonder if you can help. I was trying to purchase a book from Amazon on their website but I cannot proceed with the payment. It always asks me to put my credit/debit card details. I would like to use the Cash on delivery. I prefer paying for shipping through Shipping Cart.

  30. Great blog Nehemiah Endo. I was previously working for and this will really help our kabayans.
    After reading your blog, I tried ordering one item from amazon and i’m only waiting for it to be delivered to my virtual address. Here’s the item.…

    Weight is around 3.1 lbs. So if to compute, it would be around $ 18.57 plus $10 for delivery to my province. Is it correct?

  31. Hi, thanks so much for creating this site! I’m in the US and want to ship gifts to family in the Philippines…when the items get delivered, will they be charged for delivery at the door? When I was still in the PH and people sent me stuff sometimes I still had to pay an extra delivery charge when fedex/etc delivers them at home so I’d love to know if the Shipping Cart payment will cover everything and my family won’t have to pay additional when items arrive. Thanks in advance!

    1. No worries, your Shipping Cart payment will cover everything. When sending through fedex, they don’t cover all import tax, that’s why sometimes you have to pay upon delivery.

  32. Hello sir, Im planning to buy a laptop in Amazon. My question is, what if the laptop was damaged while being shipped? I wont know if the laptop was damage by Shipping Cart or Amazon while being delivered. Can i return it?

    1. I’ve just purchased a laptop recently on Amazon and I received it in perfect condition. I don’t think a laptop can be damaged during delivery because it’s a device that is expected to ship internationally and packaging is very sturdy. For returns, the Shipping Cart team can help you with it. Please check out the FAQs page for more details, here–> Shipping Cart FAQS

  33. Hi, I am planning on buying a $800 ultrawide monitor, its pretty big. Can you recommend I buy it through this method? What possible issues can I run into when ordering the monitor online and using this method? Good articles btw. Thanks!

    1. Yes, you can ship monitors with Shipping Cart. The only issue is the high shipping cost because the size is huge. But you can save a lot of money if you ship it through Sea Cargo.

  34. Hi po! I was just wondering if pwede po yung payment ko sa Amazon is Gcash Amex then use Shipping Cart as courier, instead of MSB?

    1. Yes, pwede po. I’m actually using Gcash AMEX as payment method for Amazon then use Shipping Cart to ship items to Philippines.

  35. Hi, I’m using a credit card here in the Philippines to purchase at Amazon. Upon checkout, should I pay in Philippine Currency or US dollars?

    And should I try the Amazon prime 2-day shipping trial?

    1. -I’ve always been paying in US dollars. I think it’s a little cheaper if you let your bank do the currency conversion instead of Amazon.

      -Amazon Prime will give you 2-day free shipping for $99 a year. I don’t suggest getting it unless you’re a very frequent Amazon shopper.

    1. Yes, as long as your debit card has the logo of Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.

    1. I just checked and find out that their prices are a bit too much compared to Amazon. I’d rather buy from Amazon directly then ship using Shipping Cart.

  36. Hi! Is it possible to order from eBay at the same time with Amazon? Can I ship from different US stores simultaneously to Shipping Cart’s virtual address? THanks

    1. Yes, you can consolidate all your shopping items coming from different stores, then ship them all to Philippines at once. For more details about consolidating your items, check out this page–> Shipping Cart FAQs

    1. I often use Shipping Cart now. I don’t even care about the rates anymore because MSB won’t let me ship lithium and a number of watches via Air freight.

  37. Hi Sir. Just want to ask kung magkano charges ng Shipping Cart when you bought the laptop. May bibilhin sana akong laptop which costs 35k dito sa Philippines but nasa around 31k lang sa amazon. What can you advise me Sir? Salamat po

    1. Last year I bought a laptop and the shipping cost me only 3500Php via Air Cargo. It’s cheaper if you ship via Sea Cargo but the delivery takes about 2 months.

  38. Hello good day! This forum is very helpful, though I’m just confused about one thing. Sir, are we gonna pay twice? First is the Amazon shipment to the virtual address and secondly the payment of shipment going to Philippines? Hopefully you clear that for me.

    1. Don’t get confused. Basically, there are two separate payments:
      1) Pay Amazon for your shopping items (shipping to the virtual US address is usually free).
      2) Pay Shipping Cart to ship your items to Philippines.

      1. Hello Sir, I was about to order now at Amazon, do they usually have tax collected fee? I was about to check out w/my order and my virtual address that I got from shipping cart site but I was shocked to see there is additional tax payment. Is it because the credit card is from PH? (BDO) My total tax added on my item is about P302. I would just like to confirm if that’s the usual case if you order from Amazon. Btw I selected the free shipping. Hope I can hear feedback from you. Thanks!

        1. Yes, tax collected is just normal for some items. It probably depends on the product your buying or maybe tax implemented by the State where the Amazon seller is from.

  39. I’m going to order PC parts from Amazon. Here are their prices – $75, $50, $150, $230, $40, $40, $30 and $120. How much do you think is the shipping fee? One of them is a 27″ monitor.

  40. Hi Nehemiah Endo, I’m so glad on having been able to came across this site. I believe this is what i need for my future plans of importing goods through third party suppliers. What is your advise for shipping large quantities? Thanks!

  41. Hello sir Nehemiah Endo, I like your blog. Would I be able to buy Gadgets, Cellphones, Laptops, Computer parts, and TVs on Amazon thru Third Party shipping?
    Can I ship devices in the Philippines even though they have lithium batteries?

      1. Follow up question: for the credit card address, do we just tick on same as shipping address? Or will the philippine billing address need to be indicated?

        1. Billing address and shipping address is not the same. For billing address you need to enter the address linked to your credit/debit card. The shipping address is where you want the package to be delivered

          1. Good day Sir, I’ve been visiting your site and contemplating on ordering online via amazon but only now that I decided to really give it a go. I have a question regarding amazon credit card info requirement. I have a card but I don’t intend to pay using that mode but instead in cash. Am also interested in trying the Shipping Cart service. So my question is, does amazon charge the card you saved in your customer’s account page? I would only declare my card info just because it’s required. Btw, am having trouble with the GCash Amex method. I still haven’t received an email containing the personalized US address among others… Is it fine to just put your credit card info in amazon account but actually pay in cash? I am quite new to this Shipping Cart they ( Shipping Cart ) shoulder the payment there and then you can just pay them here? Is that how it works?

            So many questions. Apologies and thanks in advance! 🙂

          2. Well, if you don’t wanna use your credit card, then yes just sign up for Gcash AMEX. There’s a problem with the Globe Gcash website right now so try to use a mobile device and install the Gcash app instead.There are also many other virtual credit card services you can try like Gcash Mastercard, Paymaya and BPI ePay.

          3. Good day Sir! Sorry for the late reply and thank you very much for your response 🙂 Am happy to tell that I was able to do the whole process – setting up accounts, ordering, paying using the gcash amex method up to the point of my order reaching the virtual address – smoothly and upon reading my first post, I could tell how naive i was about the whole thing. But the breezy turn of events has taught me a lot of things. I am more confident now and it just feels good that am finally able to do this, making my plan a reality! Your blog has been so generous to me, a big thanks…

            Am on that point where I was able to see the item in my cart ( Shipping Cart X ) and just waiting for customer support to reply to my inquiry. thing is, am worried about the state of my item’s box packaging.It came from Amazon and they are kinda hit-or-miss when it comes to merchandise handling. So am requesting Shipping Cart customer support to send me some more images or at the very least an update regarding the packaging’s integrity, to give light to the whole situation so to speak. I hope my impressions of the image posted are not valid though,tbh. The product is Brand New and so it’s apt for the package to look its condition, isn’t it?

            After that, am ready to have my stuff shipped here. I can’t wait. Overall it was smooth and I was pleasantly surprised myself. I hope the last things prior to me accepting the package will turn out good.

            More power and thank you very much Sir!

          4. Thanks for all your feedback. I’ve shipped a camera and laptops before, and their packaging got a little damage but the products themselves are in perfect condition. When it comes to shipping, there are certain things we can’t control, we just hope that the individuals that will handle our packages are careful.

          5. Hi there Sir and Good Day! I’m planning on adding an item to my cart but am quite worried when I calculated the shipping estimate using the site’s tool. The dimensions posted on Amazon are also quite questionable for this item is just a 2-figure set. Are those measurements the actual product or that is the cardboard box used for shipping that houses the packaged figures( wrapped in bubble wrap and all )? Here is the link to the item:


            Thanks in advance!

          6. I think the measurement on Amazon are correct because the figures’ box looks big. If you’re gonna buy many items like that, you may want to ship them via Sea Cargo

    1. Sure, you can! Feel free to add items to your shopping cart. Before you can place an order, you will see the total cost of your purchase.

  42. Thanks for this info. Question, is the tax expensive? I mean the fee for shipping it here in the Philippines. Planning to buy rare books.

    1. Tax is not expensive but you should be concerned about the weight of books. They are heavy and shipping cost depends on the size or weight of the package. You can use Shipping Cart’s Shipping Cost Calculator, here–> Estimate Shipping Cost

  43. Good day Nehemiah Endo! This is a really cool blog. I just have a few questions:
    How long does Shipping Cart store items in their warehouse?
    How long will it take to deliver through sea cargo?
    And How can I return an item just in case there’s something wrong with it?

    1. -The storage is free for 30 days. You will incur storage fees if you keep items there for too long.
      -Sea Cargo takes about 45 days to be delivered
      -For returns, the Shipping Cart team can help you out. All the answers to your questions can be found at the FAQs page. Please go here –> SHIPPING CART FAQs

    1. As mentioned above, this process prevents yourself from dealing with Customs. Taxes will be automatically estimated by Shipping Cart before being shipped to Philippines. But be sure to check the list of prohibited items to prevent any issues with shipping.
      Here’s the link–> Shipping Cart Prohibited Items

      1. Can I order items through a japanese online store like and and use shipping cart as the third party for shipping the items to the Philippines? The address I will put is the address that the shipping cart provided me.

    1. Hi sir Nehemiah! Salamat sa blog nato malaking tulong to sakin as a pc builder 🙂 By the way, ano po mas prefer niyo shipping cart or MSB? San po ba ako mas makakamura?

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