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People are asking - "Does Amazon ship to Philippines?" The answer is YES. A majority of items sold by Amazon can be shipped directly to Philippines.

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Though can ship directly to Philippines, this may not be your best shipping option because the shipping cost is so expensive for most items. Also, Imported goods can be held up by Philippine Customs and may take a while before they release them.

To avoid these problems and save more money on shipping costs, I suggest using third party shipping when shopping at Amazon. Please see my complete tutorial here–> Amazon Third Party Shipping.

However, if you don’t care about the expensive shipping cost and you trust our Bureau of Customs, then keep reading this page. Before you begin shopping, you should know that NOT all products on Amazon can be shipped internationally.

You can filter Amazon’s inventory to show whether a product can be shipped to the Philippines or not. But first, you need to set your Philippine address as the default shipping address on your Amazon account settings. Just follow these steps:

Shipping From Amazon to Philippines
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Sign in to and enter Your Account page, then select Addresses. There you can add or edit your shipping addresses. Make sure to set your Philippine address as the default.

To Ship or Not to Ship to Philippines

After adding your shipping address, Amazon should now be able to tell you whether an item can be shipped to Philippines. Here’s a Sony camera that ships to Philippines. See image below:

Amazon Shipping to Philippines Photo

Now here’s an example of Michael Kors watch that does not ship to Philippines. See the image  below.

Amazon Shipping to Philippines Photo

Items that don't ship usually to Philippines are electronics, software, household tools, kitchenwares and health products. In this case, you really need to use third party shipping if you really need the product/s. Please check out the tutorial here--> Amazon Shopping with Shipping Cart.

Proceed to Checkout

If all the items you’ve chosen can be shipped to the Philippines, then proceed to checkout and see your delivery options. Normally for international shipping, your options are..

  • Standard Shipping (10-16 business days)
  • Expedited Shipping (5-10 business days)
  • Priority Shipping (3-5 business days)

Finally, finish checkout by also choosing your shipping address and payment method. You should now be ready to place the order!

Shipping Fees & Taxes

Now let’s talk about the fees, taxes and total payment. Amazon automatically calculates the international shipping fees and taxes for you. Before placing your order, you should see the total payment under Order Summary.

Amazon to Philippines Shipping Photo

  • Shipping & handling – the cost of shipping from Amazon to Philippines
  • Estimated tax to be collected – this is US tax. Usually $0 or just a small amount when it’s there .
  • Import Fees Deposit – this is the fee that Amazon pays, on your behalf, to clear customs taxes in the Philippines.  Although it is automatically calculated, this cost may not be final. Depending on the classification or value of the product, Customs may impose additional charges. Amazon will debit the additional fees from the payment method you’ve used. However if the Import Fees Deposit is actually higher than what Customs requires, then the difference will be refunded by Amazon to your payment account.

As you can see in this example, the total tax plus the shipping cost is a huge $80! That’s the reason I always advice to use Third Party Shipping, so we can save more money. But if you’re good with all that expenses, then go ahead and place your order. If all goes well, then you will be receiving your package within the estimated time, right at your doorsteps!

That’s about it! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. And what are you waiting for? Go to right now and start shopping!

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  1. I was just wondering, if Amazon will be ‘clearing the customs for me’ does that mean I don’t have to worry about my packages being held or any of that stuff? I was actually planning on buying a book and having it shipped using AmazonGlobal Priority shipping which costs twice as much as the book, I’m just worried na baka sayang lang yung babaayaran ko if I still have to worry about the customs. Thanks!

    1. Yes, Amazon is suppose to clear customs taxes, so you don’t have to worry about it. But regardless, Philippine Customs cannot be trusted sometimes. To avoid dealing with them, you may want to use Third party courier like Shipping Cart. Please check out this tutorial –> How to Shop with Shipping Cart

  2. Sir, would it be possible to just canvass on the amazon website first without purchasing the orders? Like just knowing the total price and getting to know it the item can be shipped to the Philippines, since I will get my credit card sometime in March. I am also getting a prepaid credit card so it would be safer, i’ll just deposit an amount that would cover the price.

    1. Yes, that’s absolutely possible. Feel free to add items to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout so that you will see the total cost of your orders plus the shipping.

  3. tnx so much nehemiah… ur a big big help… i’m an architect & 1 of the few filipino designers venturing into eco sports like zipline, canopy walk, rapelling/wall climbing , etc… b4 i order my supplies from friends in d usa bcoz i preferd rated & properly engineerd equipment like harness, ropes, etc… bcoz of ur blog i was able to save as much as 50% from imported items & d best thing is its always on time & fast…. mor power 2 u…

  4. Hello Sir, I was able to acquire my US Address following your instructions using Shipping Cart (I thank you for that).
    Here’s my question..
    While adding the address on Amazon, I noticed that the Zip code has changed from 94545 to 94545-3917. Basically 4 digit were added, is that normal?

  5. Hi sir Miah, first of all, this is a great help for us online shoppers na walang makuhang stocks dito sa pinas. i just have one question though, applicable rin po ba ang “pain-free returns” in this case?

    1. Returning an item from another country is definitely a pain. I’ve ordered about 50 items on Amazon so far and I’m very lucky that they’re all in good condition. I suggest you use third party shipping so someone could help you whenever you want to return a product. Please see the tutorial here: How to Shop with Shipping Cart

  6. Hi I just bought 2 sets of yeti rambler tumbler but there was no tracking number given to me by the seller. Is that legit? i mean ok lang ba yun? Shipping Cart na ba ang bahala sa tracking number? also i provided my personal phone number in the contact number details for shipping and not the one provided in the virtual US address. ok lang po ba yun? thanks. P.S. im an avid reader of your column here.

    1. It’s normal sometimes when you choose free shipping, there’s no tracking number. You don’t have to worry as long as the seller is legit (high-rated seller). So make sure to always check the seller’s ratings. It’s ok if you provided your personal number. I think they would only call if there’s a major problem with shipping.

  7. Hello. My aunt lives in states and plans to buy me a laptop in amazon she told me to go and check in and im staying in philippines. So my concern is can it be ship in philippines directly from amazon? If not what are the other ways. If yes what are the step. By d way my aunt will use her credit card from states. Thanks

  8. Should have used Shipping Cart instead. When you use Direct Shipping from Amazon, your package will be directed to Postal Service, often it could take longer than a month even how small the package is or whatever said delivery date is, ewan ko lang baka dadaan pa sa Customs kung saan nawawala minsan mga padala, at baka dahil rin sa liitt ng package nung singsing.

      1. Hi again nehemiah. I inquired abt the items to be shipped and was informed that they cannot ship them as the fall under prohibited items…. huhuhu. Ive been searching abt it but have come up empty… Do u hav any other shipping option?….. god bless…

  9. Hi Sir,

    How can I know if the product(s) or item(s) were held by custom? Where do I need to go or who do I need to call?

  10. Hi amazon,
    is it possible to order a diet pill and pay tru credit card here in canada, and ship it to philippines?

  11. Hi sir i just want to ask if this kind of process is applicable for mobile phone purchase at amazon? And does the us address should be from someone i know? Or it dosent matter?

  12. Hello Nehemiah Endo,

    I am an US Citizen living in California and I buy a ton of stuff from Amazon Prime. My wife is in the Philippines and she needs some textbooks for some classes that she is going to take there. The books are available from Amazon and it says that they can be shipped to the Philippines.

    I would like to order the books and have them delivered to her in the Philippines as quick as possible.

    I looked at the link that you provided for the “Shipping Cart” and saw that it talks about using a “virtual address”. I have a real address in the US so how would you suggest that do it so that I can get the books shipped to the Philippines?

    How long do you think it would take to ship from Amazon to her in Butuan City?


    1. Yes, I advise using Shipping Cart to forward the books safely to Philippines. If you’ll use your own US address, then you will have to forward the books yourself to Philippines by sending them via DHL or Fedex.
      Another thing you can do is having Amazon ship the books directly to Philippines, but I haven’t tried that yet. I read on some forums though that they had luck ordering books from Amazon directly to Philippines.

      Those are your 3 options. One way or the other, it may take a month or even longer before she gets them.

  13. What should we do if the received product is Dead on Arrival? Would Amazon still replace that defective unit?

    1. Yes, Amazon will replace defective units. Fortunately for me, I haven’t experienced that yet. Just be sure to buy from high rated sellers, so they can pack the item securely and you’ll receive the product in perfect condition

  14. good day nehemiah i would like to ask if how much will be estimated cost of eyeglass and model clock from different seller of amazon that will be arriving to “My stored item” in different days. My main goal is to minimize shipping fees by shipping them both thought lbc. I tried the Shipping cost estimate but the main problem is should I get the TOTAL amount of weight and dimensions? or it shipped individually (two shipping fees to pay). Thank you in advance……

    1. Yes, I think the shipping cost will be calculated by dimensions because both items are light in weight. Well it depends on how big the size box when they arrive at Shipping Cart’s US warehouse. You can actually contact third party sellers to ship items in the smallest package possible. Then you can ship them all to Philippines in a single package to save money. For those items, my assumption would be 1500php – Air Cargo and 700 php – Sea Cargo

  15. Hi. I have been using Johnny Air as 3rd party courier when ordering in Amazon. Which is cheaper ba? I haven’t tried shipping cart yet. 🙂 Thanks!

  16. Hi Nehemiah Endo. Are you familiar with Prynt Photo Printer? Pde naman siya ma-ship to Philippines right? For payment, pwede ba ang Paymaya? I only have BDO and BPI ATM debit cards. Ano mas mabilis and trusthworthy? Johny Air or Shipping Cart? Thanks!

    1. Pwede naman iship sa Philippines ang Prynt Photo Printer. Pwede rin kahit anong credit/debit cards as long as they’re Visa or Mastercard. Pareho trustworthy ang JAC at Shipping Cart. Mas mura sa Shipping Cart pero mas mabilis siguro ang JAC kung taga Manila ka.

  17. hello, sir noticed that when I select add to cart then proceed with checkout and complete the verification wizard, there is no “Import Fee Deposit” from the order summary, could you please enlighten me why?
    does this mean that it wont be held in customs?
    will it be directly shipped to may address?
    Or do I need to pay additional charges to claim my order?…
    With thanks

    1. If there’s no Import Fees Deposit, that means you don’t have to pay for Import taxes for these items. I haven’t tried directly shipping electronics to Philippines though, so the decision is up to you. Or you can also use a third party courier like Shipping Cart.

  18. Have you heard about the tax exemption being raised for the first time in decades last october? From p10 to p10,000?? I emailed amazon about it and they said they are looking into it a week ago but havent heard back :/.


    1. Yes, we’ve heard about this good news. Amazon will definitely grant us the tax exemption soon after the Philippine Customs starts implementing the new policy.

      1. First of all, I would like to thank for your informative article. Do you have any update news for import tax exemption ?

  19. Hello po.. Ask Ko Lang bat po kaya kahit qualified yung order ko for free shipping dito sa pinas.. Lumalabas pa rin po sa computation ang shipping and handling fee?

  20. hi i just want to know if the price of the shoes i will buy will be the same price when we change it to peso? thanks!

  21. Sir tanong ko lang po.
    How much is the approximate difference of prices in amazon compared to prices in the philippines.
    I am planning to buy a gaming laptop but I can’t decide where to buy.
    Is it practical to buy on amazon?

    1. It’s definitely practical to buy a laptop on Amazon because it’s cheaper. But expect to pay around 4k php on shipping and about a month delivery time overall.

  22. HI Nehemiah Endo . i just ordered 3 books from amazon without using Shipping Cart shipping cart. and my order should be delivered from march 17 – march 30 2017. today is april 3rd and my order havent been delivered. is it normal or theres something wrong? btw im from baguio

    1. Hi, what does your tracking say? You can track the order when you logon to your Amazon account. If you’re uncertain, you can contact Amazon or the seller for details.

  23. Good day sir.. My brother would like to buy a camera on amazon, pero nasa US sya and he wants the camera to be shipped here in Quezon City. Possible po ba yun?

    Thank you for this very informative blog..

  24. Has anyone tried if the 10k tax exemption already being implemented? Or the other law years ago that books imported for personal or commercial use should be tax free too. Are any of these already being implemented? I am planning to buy books from amazon but afraid that customs will tax me more. Thanks in advance for any info

    1. Yes, I think the 10k tax exemption is already being implemented. However customs may prevent you from shipping more than 12 books in a single package.

  25. Hi Sir, Amazon asks me to enter my credit card before checking out, meaning I should have already paid it before being put into Shipping Cart? Is using shipping cart definitely cheaper? Yung binibili ko possible sa Amazon globaldelivery, but $60 dollars import deposit fee…If I use shipping cart would that be the same? thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, the payment on Amazon is seperate from Shipping Cart. You pay Amazon for your shopping items then pay Shipping Cart the shipping fee to Philippines. Using Shipping Cart is cheaper and safer.

  26. Hello! Do you have any idea on how much should the price difference be for it to be worth buying from amazon rather than stores here in PH? I’m thinking of building a PC so I’m canvassing on where I can save the most. TIA

    1. It depends on the parts you want to buy, also prices change a lot. You can do your own research and come to a conclusion which will benefit you the most. I’ll give you just one simple example. Let’s say you’re buying a Ryzen cpu which cost 12000Php on Amazon. The price of the same cpu cost 17000Php here in the Philippines. So if you choose to buy the one on Amazon, it will cost 12000 + 1000 shipping = 13000 only. You save 4000Php 🙂

  27. hello sir, i saw your blog yesterday on youtube. and it gives me a lot of idea. thank you for that. for that i am planning to buy a laptop (acer helios 300) and amazon description says that it is available to ship in the philippines. and i compare the price by shipping cart and amazon fee. almost the same. my lil question is. it is safe to buy po ba with $1000 amount sa amazon and the product that i will gonna buy. and okay lng po ba hndi na gumamit ng third party to deliver the product? thanks po.

    and if its okay lng sir, may you please check the i item that i will gonna buy. if pwede nga na hndi na gumamit ng third party and direct nga from amazon to my Philippine address.

    this is the link i wanna buy:

    1. To be honest, I haven’t tried direct shipping myself so I dont advice it. Though there are people who tried and were successful. The choice is all yours.
      When I bought a laptop, I used Third party shipping. It was a $700 laptop and it only cost me about 3500php to ship via Air cargo. It will even cost lesser on Sea Cargo 🙂

  28. How can i notify amazon that my order last November 24, 2017 was not yet delivered, and was expected to arrive on December 28, then the expected date of delivery was moved to January 17, 2018. Until now, i haven’t receive my order. Need help please.

    1. I bet you did Direct shipping which I don’t recommend. You can actually contact Amazon about your order, just google for “Amazon US contact” ..If you bought the item from a third party seller, you need to login to your account, check you order history and see who’s the seller. You can then send them a feedback through email.

  29. Hi. Ask ko lang pede ba ung shipping cost lang bayaran sa Shipping Cart gamit ang paypal tas ung oorderin ko sa Amazon gagamitan ko ng gift card? Thanks sa reply.

    1. Yes, that’s actually how I do my shopping. I pay Amazon using my gift card balance. Then I pay Shipping Cart using cash or credit 🙂

  30. Ako po directly sa HP online store bibili ng laptop pwede po b ung Shipping Cart? Or anung the best na 3rd party courier ang pwede i-avail ang service?

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