Amazon Shopping Philippines

Amazon Philippines: Shopping Guide 2019

Though Amazon Philippines office has started, an Amazon Philippines shopping website is not available yet. However, there’s no need to be sad because you can still do some shopping on even you’re in the Philippines. I have created these complete guides so you can shop effortlessly on Amazon – the largest online store!

This website serves as your guide through Amazon shopping in the Philippines. If you’re wondering, Amazon website is not available in our country yet. But this is not a problem because you can easily buy and ship products from Amazon to Philippines. is the largest online store – though it hails from the US, people from other countries can shop effortlessly!

Watch this Video about Amazon-Philippines!

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How to Shop Using Gcash AMEX on Amazon

Do you wanna shop on Amazon but don't have a U.S. credit card? You should take advantage of this cool free service by Globe - Gcash AMEX (American Express) Virtual Pay.

I always shop on Amazon US and it has never been easier with the help of Globe Gcash AMEX! To get started, just follow these simple steps. Read More How to Shop Using Gcash AMEX on Amazon

How to Shop in the U.S. with Johnny Air

Using third party courier like Johnny Air Cargo (JAC) is definitely one of the best ways to ship Amazon products or any U.S. shopping items to Philippines.  They can help you save both time and money and prevent yourself from dealing with the Philippine Customs (in the event that your package gets held by them for some reason). When employing third party couriers, you will be provided with a virtual U.S. shipping address. This is how your package/items get transferred to the third party company then forward them to your Philippine address safely. Read More How to Shop in the U.S. with Johnny Air

How to Order Products on Amazon from Philippines

To start ordering, head over to today! You can definitely buy products on Amazon while you are in the Philippines. All you need is an Amazon account and a credit card (aside from web browser and internet connection, of course) then you can shop your way through. I have created complete tutorials for you in order to solve problems that you might encounter. After reviewing them, you will find how easy it is nowadays to do online shopping across countries. Read More How to Order Products on Amazon from Philippines