Top 5 Computer Stores in the Philippines

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Searching for the best computer store in Philippines? We've got the Top 5 Stores that we recommend for computer shoppers.

If you’re looking to buy a computer in Philippines, whether it’s a laptop, desktop, network server or maybe just particular parts/components to upgrade, then you’ve landed on the right page. We are featuring the best, most reliable and popular computer stores where you may wanna consider purchasing your desired system. We’re talking about brand new products not secondhand. But if you’re looking for affordable and used computers for sale, you may want to check out or instead.  Below, are the top 5 major stores with vast array of computer brands and related hardware on their price lists.

Lazada Philippines

PC Express Computer Store

Top #1

PC Express

For a typical PC gamer or enthusiast living in the Philippines like me, you must be familiar with PC Express. They’ve got some advanced and good value computer parts and components that most people usually look for. Last time, this is where I ordered the parts that I needed to complete my Gaming Rig.  Not only they have a great website but they also have physical branches all over central and south Luzon – mostly within SM stores, which are very accessible. If you cannot find the product that you want on their price list, you can even send them a request, so they could find it for you, and then they give you a quote of the expenses.



LAZADA Philippines Computer Store

Top #2


I didn’t think that I would include Lazada on this list because it’s a universal store, not particular in computers at least. But after checking their inventory of laptops, computer sets and accessories, I was just amazed how enormous it is. They might even deserve the top spot considering the number of computer related products on sale. From CPUs down to power supply units, they mostly have everything that I would need to build yet another powerful system. Popular gaming systems like Alienware, MSI, ASUS ROG, etc.. are also available. The problem is, they don’t have a physical store where customers can personally visit. If you’re an online shopper, then this is the one for you.



Computer Store Logo

Top #3

BenStore PC

This computer store specializes in PC customization and upgrades. If you’re a person who loves to assemble his/her preferred desktop system, you should definitely check out BenStore’s price list. They usually offer the best prices in gaming hardware. Although most of their transactions are done online, you can also pick up purchased items at their physical location in Sta. Cruz, Manila. Throughout the recent months, we’ve also noticed that their website and services have greatly improved. For that reason, they’re definitely worthy of getting our Top 3 spot.



Computer Store Philippines Photo

Top #4

ELN Online Store

Similar to Lazada, this is a store for online tech shoppers. ELN has tons of computer products and gadgets on their price list. This store doesn’t do much advertisement though, that’s why a lot of people may not be aware of its existence.




Dynaquest Computer Store Philippines

Top #5

DynaQuest PC

This is another store that you should check out when building your dream PC. They have some of the latest and high-end components for hardcore PC gamers. However, if you’re ordering for an expensive or uncommon item,  you must always inquire for product availability because it might be out of stock or pre-ordered only.  If I can remember a few years ago, I purchased a Crucial Ballistix Dual Memory from them and I was very happy with the performance. Currently, they have four physical branches in Metro Manila, but they also ship nationwide.


There goes our Top list Computer Stores in the Philippines. If you’re still not satisfied, you can find better computer units and parts beyond the country. The best products we’ve seen can be found at and Here’s a guide on how you can – Ship items from Amazon to Philippines.

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